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SEO Management Services

SEO with No Contracts. No promises. just expert results.

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What are SEO Management Services?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) uses both creativity and science to drive your targeted traffic to your website from search engines like Google.

With Stand And Stretch, your SEO Management includes 4 hours of dedicated work each month. Any meetings/communications with clients are considered non-billable time. So, we normally see 6-8 hours of time logged each month on average. This extensive work starts creating a ripple effect of organic traffic to your business’s website.

“Every day, thousands of Google searches happen on mobile devices and desktops computers and you are expected to be there. That’s where we come in.” -Lucas Shaffer


The Stand And Stretch SEO Process

Search Engine Optimization is not exactly a “fast” process. At Stand And Stretch, we use a software called SEMRush to program keywords that drive traffic to your business from organic search results and track progress from our changes (updates/content) to the website. We make small changes, check progress, update/modify/add content, and wait. Then repeat.

Three years ago, we found out what ends most relationships with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. Contracts. 

For startup and mature businesses, we offer a non-contractual results-based month-to-month service to build your online presence through Google. Instead of contracts, we sell time and often over-deliver.

Our SEO Process Has 3 Tiers

First Tier

All About Site Health

Does your site look good in the eyes of Google?

Is your website performing well?

Are you having problems with coding or design functionality?

Content boring and not directing clients to the important topics on your site?

It’s possible that if your site was not built by our highly-skilled web design team and or created with SEO in mind then your website may look nice but isn’t helping your business and positively working for you.

Second Tier

Keyword Research and Content Strategy

We determine a list of keywords as a starting point and begin tracking where you are on the Google search results page for each comparing those results to your competition.

If we determine the keyword is too low on the results page of Google, we make focused updates to the website and watch for positive changes to the position on Google live or in our internal software.

This is an ongoing process and like with most of the SEO processes, keywords, and content are manipulated to increase better performance – a slow burn if you will.

Third Tier

Competetive Analysis

If your business is in a small arena with other local companies, it’s our charge to know who you are competing with for keywords that drive the business you want.

Our Stand And Stretch SEO experts look at those competitors’ websites and make sure we are doing better than them in regards to keyword density (% of keywords per text on the page) and the use of proper SEO tactics.

Yes! Even Small Businesses Can Benefit From SEO Services!

The fruit of the labor is increased ORGANIC SEARCH traffic.

We can visibly see this on Google Analytics. You are more than welcome to view the Google Analytics any time you like and our team can help walk you through exactly what you are looking at.

SEO Management and the work it entails is much like baking a cake over and over and over. It’s not immediate.

We change the ingredients (SEO Programming/Content) and put in the oven for a week (or two!) and then check results. Modify programming again according to the direction we are heading and then put back in the oven and wait to see ACTUAL results on Google.

Results are long term and tend to stick for years until a “smart” competitor builds a better site (which normally doesn’t happen in Columbus).

We Want YOUR Happiness

If you want to have individualized and custom SEO Management then you and your small business don’t have to look any further.

Your business doesn’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to benefit from the Search Engine Optimization services we offer at Stand And Stretch. We don’t sell you false promises we sell you our time and guarantee that your project will not just be another monthly report.

For those who already have a website up, we offer these plans to allow you to get back to what you love the most…your passion.

Search Engine Optimization uses both creativity and science to drive your targeted traffic to your website. Our team supports every size business from startup to enterprise. And our capabilities extend into professional and e-commerce websites. The website management and design services below are built for businesses just like yours.

Find A Plan That Fits Your Business

We’re fast, reliable, and we want your business. Pick an option below and let’s get started!
You must already have a website to select a plan below.

Foundation SEO Plan
per month
Great for New Websites!
Just launch your website? Not performing well? We can help.
Non-Competitive Market
2-hours a work on Website
Site Health Improvement
Keyword Research & Strategy
Improve Organic Results
Quarterly Time Report
Minimal Website Changes
No SEO Monitoring Tool
Secure SSL Additional*
Enterprise SEO Plan
per month
Multiple locations and more.
From Magento to Shopify, we can handle your multi-theme interfaces including ERP system ready intergrations.
Access to SEO Experts (8+ hr/mo)
Secure SSL Included
Malware Cleanup & Restore
Improved Speed*
SEO Monitoring
Maximize Traffic
12GB Bandwidth
50GB Storage
Phone/SMS Support
Cloud DNS (CloudFlare)
Bi-Weekly Backup and Restore Points
Includes All Other Plans

*Individual One-Time/Annual Set Up Fees May Apply From Provider or Stand And Stretch

Get Back To Your Customers.
Let Us Help Today...

Your website matters to us. We can manage just about everything you can throw at us.
Our team of professional web designers and graphics artists have a combined 25+ years around the web.
We host and manage over 150+ websites in all types of ways.

Why are you still managing yours?

Your Time Is Important

Time is money. And you shouldn’t waste it either. Our job is to let you spend your time more responsibly.

Fast Response Times

Our first response to requests is less than 3 hours. What would your current web person say about that?

Safe & Secure

We will keep your website safe from malware so you and your customers can feel secure.

Get Started Today.
Call us at (706) 225-9235

Let’s work together.

Bring to the table win-win strategies to ensure great web design, marketing and hosting strategies to dominate your niche market. At the end of the day, and going forward, a new normal that has evolved from our relationship. Your website is fully managed. Giving you peace of mind.

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