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Understand what Google wants from your business, with a FREE month of SEO Services on us!

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We are so confident that you will like working with us, we're going to do the work for free. No contracts, no gimmicks.

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What Our SEO Services Offer

With Stand And Stretch’s 30-day free SEO program, you gain access to all that S&S has to offer its digital clients. Access to top-rated and Google-certified professionals, custom reports, ongoing tasks that are tailored to your site’s results, and of course, better search engine results.

We customize every project and only act off of the data we find, creating custom results for every project we take. SEO isn’t one-size-fits-all, the best way is to dig in and do what the data tells you. That’s how you’ll find the best results and take your website to new heights.

Customers are searching for you, all you have to do is get seen. We can help. With Stand And Stretch’s data-driven SEO services, you can bring your website’s search results to the front page of Google. More views mean more clicks and even more business. Increase your ROI and kickstart your digital marketing efforts with SEO.

Our team, based in Columbus, GA, works remotely to serve your SEO needs. That means we’re logging in at night to burn the midnight hours, and during the day so you can snag us during normal business hours – by creating our own schedules, we’re able to get the work done round-the-clock. No waiting, just completed tasks that pull in real results.

The takeaways? We offer SEO Columbus, GA. Higher landing page slots, better Google search results, all from a free month of SEO services from Stand And Stretch. No commitment from you, just better results online.

Here's How it Works

SEO – that’s search engine optimization – pumps up your digital marketing efforts to the max. People are searching, but you have to be found. We’ll help put you at the top of Google search results, so you can be found by relevant, warm traffic. Get yourself seen with SEO.

The Stand And Stretch SEO method works by evaluating key things Google is looking for, such as site audit and position tracking. We look at how your site is performing now, and how we can help it improve. We do this through a combination of tools, including Google Analytics and proprietary software that follows search engine algorithms.  What this means is we’re tracking what search engines are tracking. We see what they’re looking for and we help improve from the inside-out.

Every move we make is tracked in data. We won’t waste your time or play with your site on hunches or a guess. We follow real data to make moves that can be tracked to numbers and traffic results. This means your site is adjusting to what searchers are following and how they behave.

No guessing games, just pure SEO data.  We use stats from Google, their subsequent programs, and other top-rated SEO tracking software. Like the sound of that? Us too. It’s why we perfected the Stand And Stretch method into a well-oiled, data-ran machine.  

SEO Client Testimony

seo campaign client
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Christi Richardson

Muse Kitchen and Bath, Fortson, GA


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  I have used Stand and Stretch to create and manage two of our businesses. As a new business owner, I wanted to get our brand and company out there, I tried TV commercials, magazines, and some companies that provided search engine optimization.

I always ask our clients how they heard about us and I was not hearing feedback from any of the areas we were spending our advertising money. I met with Lucas to go over a plan, he provided several examples of what he had done for past clients and then explained how search engine optimization worked and what we could expect from his team.

Two years later, our business is thriving and I am getting constant feedback from clients who come through the door that they found us online because they searched for a specific product we carried. Not only do I get this feedback but Lucas checks in with us and is able to show some great data from Google analytics that proves his work is creating results.

Stand and Stretch was the first company that not only delivered the results I wanted but was able to show these results and explain how they are working.

Lucas cares about his clients and understands as a local business owner what a business needs in order to thrive. His team is always in communication, throwing out new ideas and working it seems around the clock to deliver the results! 

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Length of Time As A Client: 22 months

Muse Kitchen and Bath


increase in
organic search traffic.

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Details and data from Google Analytics.

Get a month of SEO services, on the house.

With Stand And Stretch’s SEO Services, your content is going places.

We’re so confident that you’ll love our services, we’re offering a free month of SEO services. No contracts, no gimmicks. Just 30 days of SEO. Let us get you where you want to go, and sit back and watch the work fly-in.

That’s right, free. 30 days, at your service. Gain access to expert-level SEO results.

Happy Clients

Check out our past web projects that reached new heights in SEO goals and Google results.

Our SEO Process

At Stand And Stretch, we sell our time. By providing time to your service and logging every task, down to the second, we can show our customers what we did and when. 

 At any time, customers can log in and see exactly what the team was up to on their site. We believe this transparency adds trust and removes any confusion about what was done or when.

This is done by tracking tasks, logging our time on every move, and providing daily email updates to the client. A list of what was done and how long it took is delivered to your inbox every day. 

Transparency every step of the way, and time well spent.

SEO services are provided with four hours a month. This includes weekly check-ins on the project, tasks that improve your website health, increase keywords, and add content to the site, such as blogging or new landing pages. Each of these steps follows our strict method off following the data. From tracking site health to knowing which keywords to add and how often, we follow the data to get you the best results possible.

Every site has its own nuances. That’s why we have to dig in and create the changes that work best for your website. It’s an important step in providing the highest quality of SEO services.

Our Team

Our SEO team is made up of a diverse group of individuals. We are seasoned professionals located throughout Columbus, GA and beyond. By balancing our strengths and natural talents, we bring a rounded approach to our SEO efforts.

Our SEO team is rounded out with a group of 14 professionals. Located in various time zones, we band together to create an effective, well-rounded team. We are made up of talented writers, skilled web developers, and more. By approaching your SEO project with all specialties, we can tackle data one move at a time, whether it’s telling us to adjust the content, code, images, or all of the above.

Have a question about working with our SEO team? Just ask! Our project managing software allows for quick messaging. Plus, as a fully remote team, we have our emails at the ready! Reach out at any time for a timely response to your SEO question in Columbus, GA and beyond.

We are ready to meet you today!

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Marci Mason

Digital Director

Marci oversees all digital services for Stand And Stretch. From Google Ads, to Retargeting, to SEO, Marci follows up with all team members to ensure all is running smoothly. From checking that deadlines are met, to teaching advanced skills to new team members, Marci keeps us growing toward new heights. She conducts regular meetings that discus focus efforts, and serves as our go-to team player, filling in wherever the team needs her. When not completing online classes, Marci can be found prettying up her Insta account with hike-able nature shots.

seo services
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Bethaney Phillips

SEO Manager

Bethaney has been with Stand And Stretch for five years. With a content background, she implements creative fixes to SEO methods. Bethaney provides weekly project checks in order to follow data and add relevant tasks for the web and content team based on off-site and traffic stats. It’s also her job to communicate with the team and client to ensure everyone is on the same page. Bethaney dives deep into work, but takes regular breaks for caffeine and podcasts.

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Lucas Shaffer

Creative Director

Lucas is the founder and owner of Stand And Stretch. With a master’s degree in computer science, he’s our resident “data nerd.” Lucas chases facts and figures. He’s after the latest program that shows us what we’re doing right, and how we can be doing it better. Lucas meets regularly with the team to answer questions, show us new methods, and implement next-level SEO tactics. Lucas is there when customers need him and can grow a mean mushroom.

The latest in SEO information from our experts.

Get a taste for the type of expertise at your disposal with Stand and Stretch by checking out some of our featured blog posts below!

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