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how we help

It’s simple. We provide a customized level of engagement with you to help you discover your potential audience. This works for both personal and business inquiries.  Once you find where your connections are, we provide the tools and knowledge to begin making connections.

It all begins with a single connection.

We offer the below services in any combination.  We build, teach, explain and maintain.

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Social Media Consulting ($75/hr phone and in-person)

We know the landscape.  It is vast and each social site has its perks.  We provide extensive profile building to enable people to find you, instead of the other way around.  We can show you how to bring those potential clients to your site.  There are millions and millions of users ready to make a connection; all we have to do is begin by defining your goals.

In many cases, the value of the first consult provides knowledge that you can immediately use to begin organizing your business around the strategies and ideas that are discussed.  It’s refreshing to have someone answer all your questions.  During a consult we begin to organize and customize goals to fit your needs.  We can create and grow your networks from scratch or build onto your existing connections.

Either way, we make it easy and make you feel less like a social media captive.  We provide you a powerful resource to lean on until you no longer need us.

Get started now…

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Customized Web Solutions & eCommerce

If you offer a service or product, can make this service available online.  Not only can we provide this link but we can cultivate a marketplace feel to your brand.  We take your personal or business identity online and allow engagement between you and your connections outside the typical social media sites.  You may need an eCommerce solution and you may need it fast.  You may need a landing page to capture new connections.  We can show you how.

We want to make you successful.

We do not want to ‘own’ your solution.  We only want to create the opportunities to allow you to connect with your audience.  Our team has over 10 years in web design and development specializing in eCommerce and social networking.  We know all the procedures to get you to your goal as fast as possible.  Don’t believe anyone when they say it is easy.  Let us help!

Take advantage today.  Begin now…

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Event Organization

Today, you could be hosting an event utilizing the latest social site for free.  Let us organize an event for you using your networks so you can gain from the full potential of the particular network.  Particular sites are popular for organizing meetups and social connection building.

We provide the bridge and networking skills to make the most of your events.

Contact us today!  Start here…

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Social Media Management

You have a Facebook fan page.  You are also tweeting about your product or server and yet you are not connecting.  You need to consult with us.  Within the first hour, you will learn more about engagement between social networking that you will come out of the consult ready to try a few things.

Everyone has different goals and mimicking your local businesses can dampen your impact.

We know the strategies that work!  We take a very robust ‘Social Snapshot’ and help manage your delivery system to provide the highest level of engagement to your customers.  Comparative analysis over time is reported in a unique and interesting perspective to report impact.  The analysis reports are nice and very informative.   Our management role is a minimum of 3 months as building real relationships and take time.

Let us teach you how you can be remarkable and stand out!  Interested?   Start here…

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