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Service Provided (journey began June 7th, 2010)

Consultation, Goal Creation, ‘Dream’ Management, Site Development and Social Site Training and Awareness using Web Strategy Techniques

Social Management Tools

WordPress blog, Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite and Podcasting


Scott has a passion to talk about movies. It was clear from this at the start.  Our objective was to find a way to get Scott a site he could manage utilizing blogging, social sites and podcasting with relative ease.  Keep in mind, Scott only knew facebook in an informal manner.  His willingness to learn how to interact with his social networks is a testament to his passion for this venture.  We strategical set goals he could easily obtain to help build confidence on the numerous social sites.  We provided monitoring services so he could be aware and understand how his willingness to engage his audience has begun to change his world.

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Scott Freeman

“Enough cannot be said about the services Stand and Stretch has provided me to help achieve a dream.  I have always been a fan of movies and enjoyed discussing that love with anyone who will listen.  Stand and Stretch has helped give me that platform.  I now have a website, a Twitter account, a Facebook page, a weekly podcast in ITunes, and a blog that I write.  In only a month I have watched all these grow exponentially, and the excitement it has given me cannot be measured.  I now have people asking me about my next review and commenting on past podcast shows.  It is very exciting and I look forward with great anticipation to the future and the goals I hope to achieve.  These are goals which could never have been achieved without Stand and Stretch.”

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