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It can be frustrating as a homeowner to find people you’re comfortable letting into your home when you need a job done. Likewise, it can be disheartening to a service provider when people don’t give them the chance to prove themselves. Google Local Services ads help reduce the guesswork for the customer in need. Using verified customer reviews, background checks, and insurance verification Google rates businesses near your location to give you access to the safety and information you need to make a smart decision.

Mobile App for Client Communications

Getting connected to clients with inquiries or desiring quotes can be handled in a manner of minutes. Local Services has its own mobile app that can be used to communicate with clients through messaging or telephone. This app allows calls to come through to you wherever you are and ensure you don’t miss out on any potential clients.

Tie Into Google Assistant

Because of the way the suite of Google products are designed, being a verified Local Service will allow your information to be included in searches over Google Home devices. When someone in the kitchen realizes they need a light switch fixed and turns to ask Google, you could be the name they hear first.

Help Gain Verified Reviews

Once you’ve spoken with your client and had the opportunity to complete a job for them, the Local Services app makes it simple for you to request a review. These reviews will be badged as Google verified since the call was received through a Local Services ad. Optimizing your reviews through happy clients and the mobile app will allow your rating to improve and help lead more customers to your business.

Never Worry About Being Charged for Spam

With Google Local Services you are not paying for clicks, you’re paying for leads. A client reaching out to you expressing interest through information shared on a form, a call made to your business or message you directly for a quote through the mobile app. Since you’re only charged in the client makes it all the way to your “front door” the average cost per successful inquiry is $24. This can seem like a lot if you expect to receive a call from everyone who sees your ad, however you receive an illegitimate contact: junk, or spammers, Google has a process for ensuring your funds can be required, guaranteeing to help keep your costs low and your business up.

How To Get Started With Google Local Services

Google Local Services is a very new program and has a few boxes you’ll need to check if you hope to make this newborn product work for you. While these steps are easy to walk-through with Google’s support, others can take time and involve some searching. A digital marketing provider can help you find up-to-date information as Google updates their information frequently.

  • Get A Google Forwarding Number – If you want to communicate with clients through the mobile app, you’ll need to make sure your business sets up a Google Forwarding number. Even if you don’t check any other boxes off this list, getting a Google Forwarding number is a good move for your business. It makes it easier for you to know which calls you’re receiving through your Google ads versus conventional forms of marketing and can help improve the ranking of your business in Google’s algorithms.
  • Verify Your Business Is Included – Local Services has only been available through the whole of the United States since 2017. While the number of services included continues to grow, it’s hard to find a complete list of services included though some partials lists can be found through the website (link to list). You may have to do some digging or contact your digital marketing provider to see if you’re included. 
  • Define Your Service Area – Just as the list of businesses included regularly expands, so do the areas that Local Services currently covers. Fanning out from metropolis areas, the towns included continuing to spider web across the United States. Google updates a list of the areas covered here although you can verify with Google if you’re area is included in their reach. 

Stand And Stretch Google Partner

As an official Google Partner, Stand And Stretch and our team are well versed in the intricacies of Google and Google Ads Management. If you’d like to explore the opportunities that Google provides for your business, we are ready to help. Contact us today! Let us do the follow through and show you what it’s like to have an accountable agency push you out of the friends and family pocket.

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Winning Your Local SEO Ranking in Columbus, GA https://www.standandstretch.com/seo/winning-your-local-seo-ranking-in-columbus-ga/ Mon, 13 Jan 2020 18:21:46 +0000 https://www.standandstretch.com/?p=5675198 Are you a business or website owner located in Columbus, Georgia? No matter where...

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Are you a business or website owner located in Columbus, Georgia? No matter where you’re located — from the Chattahoochee Valley and beyond — “winning” at Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings is a digital marketing tactic that can and should be on your radar. In fact, it should be at the top of your list.

Why? Local SEO is readily obtainable, it’s tractionable, and it’s one of the most overlooked efforts of SEO. By letting customers know where you’re located and where you provide services, for instance, in Columbus, Georgia or Phenix City, Alabama, paired with what you do (website building and digital marketing), they can find you faster. Customers are looking. They’re searching for your service … all you have to do is make sure you show up.

Are You Utilizing SEO as a Digital Marketing Effort?

Including relevant keywords in your digital marketing efforts is a surefire way to help you show up faster, and higher on Google search engine results. Yet so many small-mid size businesses simply overlook this step. Either they don’t understand the growth that’s to be had, or they are unsure of their steps in digital marketing. 

And that’s where you, the competition, swoops in and snags all of their relevant web traffic. 

It’s simple: let folks know what you do. Whether you offer custom website coding, to WordPress building and management, to SEO, PPC, or Google Ad services, write about what you do and what you do well! Next, enlist your location to help do the marketing. Where are you located? Tell us. Tell the Internet! 

If you service a wider audience, you can write that, too, in your SEO efforts. 

Then it’s time to look at your Google accounts, business listings, and all settings. If it can be searched by Google in terms of your brand, you want to have eyes on it and control what’s said. The closer you follow Google guidelines and enter clear, relevant business keywords, the better chance you have at being seen online. 

Where Do Your SEO Services Rank?

If you aren’t sure if you’re doing SEO, you probably aren’t. In any case, check your location by searching for your business and its subsequent services online. Perform several searches to use different phrases. Then, with each search, see where you land. Are you on the front page? Way down the line? No matter how attractive (or unattractive), it’s important to do this search so you know where you’re starting. 

Next, implement the best SEO practices as outlined by Google. Every few weeks you can do the same searches to see if you’ve moved up in search spots, and if so, by how much. 

This isn’t just tactics that are offered in Columbus, Georgia, but in any location searchable by Google (or other search engines). 

Get Started Ranking For SEO Location Services Today

If you’re ready to get started in SEO ranking for this important section of digital marketing, contact us today. We offer brand monitoring with regular updates on where you land among SEO results, including local service searches. 

To learn how your business can grow with increased rankings, contact us today.

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How to Increase Your Website’s Engagement With Google Optimize https://www.standandstretch.com/google-search/how-to-increase-your-websites-engagement-with-google-optimize/ Mon, 06 Jan 2020 16:31:07 +0000 https://www.standandstretch.com/?p=5675188 Do you know that feeling after spending hours creating or updating your website hoping...

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Do you know that feeling after spending hours creating or updating your website hoping it’s beneficial to your customers? As business owners, your website is an important feature to help accommodate and grow your audience.

But first, have you thought about what programs to use to track your website’s engagement? Are you curious to see which aspects of your website your audience appreciates the most?

If so, then Google Optimize is for you.

What is Google Optimize?

Google Optimize is a Google tool used for tracking website engagement and experience on your website. 

From updating your homepage to adding a search box, Google Optimize shows you what positive changes your making or what you might need to edit to reach your desired website engagement.

Google Optimize can run three types of tests:

  1. A/B test – This test takes two variants of the page you are wanting to experiment with. You will then be able to view the reports to see if the original page or the modified page receive more engagement.
  2. Multivariate test – This test allows you to run an experiment on a web page to see which combination of elements gives you the results you are looking for.
  3. Redirect test – This is similar to the A/B test, but allows you to test different web pages to see which one better achieved your goal.

These tests compare and contrast what website changes are drawing in more customers.

Steps to Utilizing Google Optimize

Create a Google Optimize Account – First thing’s first, visit Google Optimize and create an account.

Set Up Tracking for Your Web DesignWhere it displays the option to link a property, link to Google Analytics. You might also want to look into Google Tag Manager as it pairs well with tracking your website’s analytics. Both of these Google tools are included in the SEO Management and Google Ads Management services with Stand And Stretch.

Add Optimize Snippet – Add Optimize snippet to the website you want to track engagement for.

Add Google Optimize to Chrome – Add Google Optimize to your Google Chrome.

Create an Experiment  – Open Google Optimize and click “Create experiment”. This is where you decide which of the three tests you would like to use.

View Reports – You are now ready to confidently make those changes you’ve been debating for a while! When there is enough data, Google Optimize will start reporting the results from your experiment to help you see what works best for your business.

Turn to Stand And Stretch for Your Website 

Here at Stand And Stretch, we are constantly looking for the best ways to increase your website engagement. This is because high website engagement correlates with a successful business. If you’re ready to take the next step in making sure your website is receiving the attention it deserves, contact us so we can customize a plan that best suits your needs.

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Introducing Gutenberg, WordPress’s Next Big Thing https://www.standandstretch.com/wordpress/introducing-gutenberg-wordpresss-next-big-thing/ Mon, 30 Dec 2019 16:54:37 +0000 https://www.standandstretch.com/?p=5675173 A Widget to Change the Platform As We Know it. In today’s standards, WordPress...

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A Widget to Change the Platform As We Know it.

In today’s standards, WordPress is a widely used blogging and website platform. It’s intuitive, customizable, and it’s used across the board — that is, for those who understand it. (Don’t worry, we’re experts!) And as much as we love WordPress as a platform, we also understand its limitations. In most settings, folks must know code and widget format to make real visual changes. Sure, we can do it. But what about the client who wants to pop in and make adjustments on their own? What about the thousands of people hosting and creating their own websites that are up for quick changes that don’t require YouTube tutorials.

Sure, those changes are doable. But what if they were even easier?

Folks, WordPress has heard your plea, and they’ve answered. Soon some Gutenberg, the WordPress plugin to change the way you see website building as a whole. 

Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0: The Changes

Yes, just like its namesake, the Gutenberg press, this latest WordPress layout is here to change the way we see the written word, even if that means adjusting digital format.

As it’s launched, Gutenberg will allow for new interfaces and increasing changes to WordPress websites’ visual formats. Most notably, by creating a block format wherein users can add content and/or images, without uploading and fixing code to polish format. 

Gutenberg is an upgrade to the WordPress editing system as a whole. Considering WordPress’s content field has seen little changes in the past 10 years, even us coding nerds can get excited about the change!

With Gutenberg in place, users can look and edit their entire screen, rather than using a backend visualizer. This allows for real-time changes that don’t require coding changes and checks to ensure everything showed up as it should. This block format brings in many interfaces, all while eliminating complexity. With Gutenberg, WordPress is easier to use and easier to format all your website content. 

This also streamlines the need for outside widgets or plugins that adjust the way your site is used. (We’ll cheer to fewer updates and cross-code malfunctions from incompatible updates!) 

So what’s the big takeaway from using WordPress’s Gutenberg? Full site customization. Make your website look how you want it, as you want it. This is true for the casual site owner who’s making their own changes, as well as businesses relying on their web presence, and who have a website manager. 

Finally, changes are more fluid, more intuitive, and easier to implement. 

What are Gutenberg Content Blocks

Don’t worry, WordPress is still existing in the way we know and love. Its shortcodes, formats, widgets, and more will still exist. Only now, they’ll come with smooth, consistent user experience. Or in other words, it’s easier for the less experienced WordPress user to make changes (that is, that don’t require lengthy tutorials). 

Drag and drop formatted blocks onto the page and edit them, in real-time, with ease. This simpler model allows for faster custom pages, without the need for code! 

Can we get a woohoo?!

How and When Will Gutenberg for WordPress Be Seen?

The Gutenberg update for WordPress is set to launch in a series of steps. First, it’ll be made compatible with 5.0 (WordPress’s latest and current version) with adding and adjusting content blocks. The next steps are to be launched sometime next year and will lean toward further site customization. 

Are you ready to get started updating your website? Whether you’re wanting to learn the logistics yourself or prefer Stand And Stretch to handle the behind the scenes web work, we’ve got a digital marketing plan to help push you forward. 

Learn more by contacting us today

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How YouTube is Changing and What it Means for Online Videos https://www.standandstretch.com/digital-marketing/how-youtube-is-changing-and-what-it-means-for-online-videos/ Thu, 12 Dec 2019 14:27:06 +0000 https://www.standandstretch.com/?p=5675166 Recently YouTube accounted its intentions to change its content standards, and ultimately, the way...

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Recently YouTube accounted its intentions to change its content standards, and ultimately, the way we look at YouTube as a whole. While previously, the site was made to upload, edit, and share video content, the site is now allowing for more interaction and viewer feedback. 

Back in 2005, we saw the first-ever YouTube upload, a video called “Me at the Zoo,” uploaded by platform co-founder, Jawed Karim, describing the elephants at the zoo. Now, just over 14 years later, the site has more than 23 million active channels

No more are the days of simple video uploading. YouTube is launching updates like statuses, pools, link sharing, and more. Think more Facebook-like, but with its own unique twist. Posting will be accessible to those with more than 10,000 followers, and therefore, have a community access tab on their YouTube dashboard. Via a community post, users can upload images, captions, or they can even get feedback from uses by creating a poll. This option will allow for more user interaction, as well as unique, content for the masses. 

As for those who you follow, you’ll see these posts come through in an Instagram-like feed. 

Next comes reels, which is only currently available in private beta. Reels are similar to a Facebook or Instagram story: short-term content that can be enhanced with stickers, images, or text. Owners can see stats of how many have views and can receive feedback on their reel posts. 

Additional Changes for YouTube as a Platform

In recent months, YouTube has taken on additional changes, too. For instance, updating the way its algorithms are run. This is in direct retaliation to users finding a way to get their own content recommended. Also known as recommendation conspiracies, YouTube has adjusted its number systems to delete the practice. 

After previously announcing that many accounts would lose access to “verified” status, YouTube actually reversed this stance, allowing the verified accounts to remain as-is. It’s likely that this decision was made after the intense level of backlash that was received. 

Another way it’s changing is by rounding out video views and subscribers. Rather than listing out to the number, the mogul platform will round up to the nearest number. It’s said this change is to reduce, if not eliminate, the obsession and scrutiny that comes from those who obsess and report on video stats. In some cases, these numbers got more traction than the video content itself. 

Changes to Kid-Based Social Media Videos

In order to make video content safer and compliant with national laws, YouTube is updating the requirements it has for kid-based content. All who post children’s videos will be required to submit that the video is made for a young audience. This is in accordance with COPPA or the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. YouTube suggests that all kid-based video creators learn the specifics of these laws so they can better follow them.

Machine learning will be used to follow and identify videos that can be checked for quality control. Kid-based videos should include content that has:

  • Children or children’s characters.
  • Popular children’s programming or animated characters.
  • Play-acting, or stories using children’s toys.
  • Child protagonists engaging in common natural play patterns such as play-acting and/or imaginative play. 
  • Popular children’s songs, stories or poems.

In addition, kid videos will be strictly categorized and tagged; anyone failing to mislead viewers or who avoids specific details could be punished by having their content removed.

Finally, personalized ad content will not be available, as it was shown to bait or lure kids into certain purchases. Finally, comments will be removed from kid’s videos and likes not shown with totals. These final changes work to minimize page interaction and allow for a simpler viewing process. 

These changes to YouTube can increase engagement, but will ultimately change the way we use the site. 
Ready to integrate your own YouTube channel into your website today? Stand And Stretch can help!

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Improve Your Site’s SEO by Disavowing Backlinks https://www.standandstretch.com/google/improve-your-sites-seo-by-disavowing-backlinks/ Mon, 02 Dec 2019 16:00:07 +0000 https://www.standandstretch.com/?p=5674786 Stand And Stretch is proud to launch its new SEO service for our SEO...

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Stand And Stretch is proud to launch its new SEO service for our SEO management customers. Available now, our team will start using the new Disavow Backlink services. This is in addition to our growing list of SEO services, such as content and meta writing/blogging, backlinking, monitoring site health, and more. At Stand And Stretch, we understand how important it is to monitor your website’s health from all angles, and to offer as many monitoring services to our customers can help improve their online standing. 

That’s why monitoring links via disavow backlinks can help improve clout, search results, and of course, the ever-coveted, but often misunderstood “Google score.” 

What is Disavow Backlinking?

This is an option, provided by Google, that allows site owners to remove the credit of certain backlinks. For instance, if there are backlinks from low-quality sites, site owners can “disavow,” or tell Google to discount those sites’ reference to their pages. In other words, it’s your way of saying, “Hey we know those people want to be associated with us … but we don’t really want to be associated with them.” Along with a wink and a nudge, and Google responds with, “It’s ok, I’ve got you!” And allows you to disavow the link, minimizing the “score” that comes from being associated with it.

It’s a tricky, nuanced process, but that’s why we put as much data into the method as possible. By following site stats and info closely, comparing monthly changes, and scoring backlinks, we can improve your site by disavowing links that are hurting, and putting the emphasis on ones that are helping. 

Does My Site Need Updated SEO Services?

SEO is a process, not a destination. There are many factors that go into looking at what needs our best TLC. Of course, we’re in the camp that every site needs SEO updates; Google is constantly updating its methods, and it’s too simple for things to fall between the cracks. However, with ongoing monitoring and updates, you can keep your website in great health. This includes disavowing backlinks that are not providing quality clout to your site. Within that process comes the need to see what’s a quality link and what isn’t. For instance, if other sites improve their site after you’ve disavowed their backlink, you’d want that action to be reversed. 

Why Is There a Need for Disavowing Backlinks?

This update was put into place by Google back in 2012. Since 2005, their main method of dealing with spam links or those with blackhat intentions was a “do follow” and “don’t follow” setting. By adjusting the code or type of link, website owners told Google “follow” or “don’t follow” this link. But as scoring changed and Google further advanced, website owners were owners of hundreds, possibly thousands of “do follow” links. The problem, of course, was that the setting stood with the backlink owner. If they didn’t adjust, you were stuck with those links that now hurt, instead of helping your site.

Still with us? Great!

To combat this, among other reasons, Google now puts the power of the following in the link destination owner’s hands. Can’t get a link removed? No problem! We’ll let you skip over it, Google said. And the rest is history, or rather, Google has been updating and perfecting this practice ever since. 

Enter Stand And Stretch. We work diligently to follow your website’s backlinks and determine if the source is helpful or hurtful to your site. By adjusting who is and isn’t followed, we can help improve your website’s health, quality, and standing with Google themselves.

Ready to learn more? Schedule a call today!

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Digital Agency vs. Digital Provider: The Death of Click Summaries https://www.standandstretch.com/branding/sit-and-learn-webinar-digital-agency-vs-digital-provider-the-death-of-click-summaries/ Mon, 29 Apr 2019 20:30:33 +0000 https://www.standandstretch.com/?p=9004 The post Digital Agency vs. Digital Provider: The Death of Click Summaries appeared first on Web Design, SEO Digital Agency in Columbus, Ga.

Welcome to another installment of Stand And Stretch’s Sit And Learn webinar series! This episode starts a three-part series discussing SEO, keywords, search engine traffic, and of course, the art of using an agency. But not just using any digital marketing agency, but one that offers you clear and manageable transparency.

In other words, you want to be able to follow what your digital marketing company has been doing. How are their tasks helping? What keywords are they implementing? And more. Many digital marketing brands offer blanket services, but when it comes to outlining what was actually done in that time, few brands are forthcoming about their tactics. Instead, they send click reports – but what does that mean? How do you read the reports?

At Stand And Stretch, we are all about transparency, almost to a fault. We want our customers to trust our methods, and we strive to be clear about what we’re doing at all times.

With the transparency model, you can know what your metrics mean and understand the importance of clicks. Make your digital marketing agency accountable. Make sure they report in a way that makes sense to you, but more importantly, in a way that adds value.

Get OUT of the click summary report and get into SEO and search result transparency.

Learn how with our free webinar – watch below to access this benefit for your own company and its online marketing growth.

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Google Feed Now Offers More Data Options for Business Owners https://www.standandstretch.com/digital-marketing/google-feed-now-offers-more-data-options-for-webmasters-business-owners/ Thu, 18 Apr 2019 15:24:38 +0000 https://www.standandstretch.com/?p=8998 The post Google Feed Now Offers More Data Options for Business Owners appeared first on Web Design, SEO Digital Agency in Columbus, Ga.

For years, marketing and online professionals have been wondering about better data tracking options from Google. Not necessarily on the front end, but behind the scenes, where only webbies look in order to ensure all electronic parts are working as they should. These behind the scenes, webmaster tools are what can help set a website up for success, after all. And tracking it ensures that progress.

Up to this point, using Google Discover meant looking at raw data from Console and deciphering the numbers for oneself. While plenty of traffic was coming in, it was difficult to know where it was coming from or how to track it once users landed on a site. But now, however, Google has taken out the guesswork and added a new level of transparency, that is, reports within Google Discover, now known as Google Feed.

Visible now within the performance report section, users can view CTRs (click-through rates), impressions, and clicks — far more data than was available in the past. They can also look at search engine optimization results and update SEO tactics based off results.

High-ups at Google have been announcing the new feature on social media, as well as fielding questions to users, specifying how the update can be used and why it’s beneficial to website owners and online marketers alike.

What is Google Feed/Google Search Console?

If you aren’t already utilizing Google’s Search Console options, there’s much to be gained as far as online traffic from this growing feature. It’s a free tool that lets webmasters check the indexing of their website(s), and therefore, optimize the site so that more users can find the page with ease. Business owners who have plenty of tech savvy can check into these features for themselves, while those who outsource their website work can see this aspect being taken care of by their webmaster or the website manager.

Additional features of Google Search Console include:

  • The ability to submit and check your sitemap to identify and eliminate errors.
  • Checking on robots.txt files to remove blocked pages.
  • Looking at (and setting) crawl rates and to look at relevant stats.
  • Creating a list of websites that link back to a site.
  • Viewing keyword searches and how they directed traffic back to the website (in other words, search analytics).
  • Looking at penalties from Google, and having the option to fix or deal with errors.
  • Pointed updates to SEO strategies

With this new feature comes a number of guides from Google themselves to help users make the most out of available tools. This includes guides on updating content, such as this one.

Should You Implement Google Search Console?

The answer is yes! With its ability to keep you in good standing with Google, and all of the recent upgrades, Google’s Search Console/Google Feed can help give any website a competitive edge, especially with its SEO. Whether you’re a tech-savvy website owner or a business owner who happens to have a website, utilizing this key resource can help your brand stay ahead of the competition.

Set your search engine optimization light years ahead and more! Available in the Columbus, GA area and beyond!

To learn more about what it can offer your brand, get in touch today. As a certified Google Partner, Stand And Stretch is well versed in these services, including SEO, and can help set your website apart by implementing these new changes into your URL. Contact us to get started in the Columbus, GA area or anywhere in the U.S.

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New Facebook Feature: Global Community-Building Efforts https://www.standandstretch.com/events/what-this-new-facebook-feature-means-to-global-community-building-effort/ Thu, 11 Apr 2019 19:06:44 +0000 https://www.standandstretch.com/?p=8990 The post New Facebook Feature: Global Community-Building Efforts appeared first on Web Design, SEO Digital Agency in Columbus, Ga.

Earlier this year, Facebook announced its plan to launch a cause-based feature to its platform to help users with community outreach and beyond. Known as Community Actions, this addition will be rolled out to various sections of Facebook a little at a time. To-date, few users have access, while the new feature will be launched to more U.S. accounts throughout 2019. Access is given by location.

What is Community Actions on Facebook?

Community Actions is a new feature where social media users can create and show their support for various actions and ideas. For instance, promoting fundraisers, removing controversial pages from the platform, calls for laws or changes to existing rulings, to updates to local infrastructure. Users can create their own causes via a page, while additional users can like or voice their support for the cause.

Meanwhile, local politicians will be notified of the pages, and its number of supporters, in an attempt to streamline the action process. (After all, how can they implement changes that they don’t know their voters want?) On the flip-side, users won’t know who else supports a cause, even if it is their own Facebook friends. The platform is looking to keep pages as private as possible, and that means not releasing who has supported each cause. The thought being that users are more likely to list their support when they aren’t worried about ongoing backlash.

Cutting Down on Social Media Controversy

In perhaps its most important move of all, Facebook will make Community Actions a Trump-free zone, simply to avoid users with differing opinions. To keep controversy as limited as possible, users will not be able to create pages with Trump or Pence as the subject of their petitions.

Why Did Facebook Create Community Actions?

Currently, there are a number of websites dedicated to various charity or political actions. Many have their entire platforms based around sharing ideals and getting as many people on board as possible. However, they’re likely too divided. The biggest such website, change.org has a whopping 250 million users, but when paired up against the social media giant, there’s no comparison.

With Facebook’s massive reach (2 billion users and counting) and their unique algorithm that reaches out to consumers based on their location, friends, and other interests, they are in a unique position to reach as many folks as possible.

There are additional benefits, such as verifying causes, contacting political parties, and more. In addition, users have the added benefit of getting their cause to the masses – a real chance. Strike the fancy of Facebook’s moderators (or computer program … no word on how info will be shared), and a particular cause could be potentially shown to billions of social media users.

As for the background behind Community Actions, it comes as part of Facebook’s pledge to help community efforts. This pledge was made two years ago to help communities better define and assess local issues. And, it’s a way for Facebook to remain relevant by updating their platform.

Community Actions is coming to your account soon, stay tuned for future involvement.

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Super Bowl Sunday — a day that involves football, food, and friends. Although, there’s a little more to this special Sunday now that technology and social media play such a big role in our lives. Besides football, the Super Bowl is infamous for its creative and amusing ads during the commercial breaks. Whether you’re a fan of football or not, chances are your television is on during the big game, just waiting for your chance to point out the next best ad.

Let’s take a behind the scenes look at the production of Super Bowl ads and the effects social media has had on the game!

Effective Ads That Appear on Television

With Super Bowl ads costing around $5 million per 30 seconds (Woah!), it is obvious that companies will want to make the most out of their short time in the limelight. To make their ad the most effective it can be, companies sometimes stir up controversy before the game. This will get the buzz going about their company, which will set up their viewers, unknowingly, to watch for news about what is going on with that company.

In the past commercials have been crazy, disrespectful, and crude. This year it is expected that Super Bowl ads will have a light and respectful tone to them. They will appeal to viewers through humor and also by using celebrities to market their brand, which is a common trend among Super Bowl ads, especially in recent years.

Super Bowl’s Effect on Social Media

In today’s world, people don’t just sit in front of their TV with no connection to the outside world. Everyone always has technology in front of them, whether it be an iPad, laptop, or phone. This is why social media usage skyrockets during the big game. During the Super Bowl last year there were 200 million likes, comments, or posts. There were also 27 million tweets about the Super Bowl alone.

Consumers Have Changed The Game

Social media has and always will be a way for people to connect. We see this happen more than ever during big television events. Social media allows the game to reach a wider range of people and for those people to be more actively involved in the event. The public can join in conversations with a simple hashtag and chat with people across the country about a specific play that happened. Overall it’s a way for more consumers to get exposed to the game and enable them to easily converse with whoever, wherever.

Using The Super Bowl To Market Your Business

As mentioned, a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl totals around $5 million; not many companies can afford this! But, with numbers on digital networking sites coming in at millions during this game it could be a great opportunity to market your business during the boom period. Marketing during the Super Bowl for businesses can be simple and easy. Business owners can have a “gameday sale” or even just post about a specific product during the game.

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The post Digital Marketing Takes Over the Super Bowl appeared first on Web Design, SEO Digital Agency in Columbus, Ga.