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Digital Transparency: What Your Digital Sales Rep Didn’t Tell You

As quickly as technology is advancing, it’s safe to say that the online world of advertising has undergone some updates — great ones! — in the past few years. With constant updates to search engines, brands that are constantly looking to improve the game, and advertisers who are taking on these growing digital practices, searching […] Read more

Case Study: Cisco Systems, inc. Open Social Media Policy

Social media is the catalyst to cultivating communities. Through these channels, companies are tapping into their customers thoughts and building relationships with potential customers. A crucial part of social media is within a company and its employees. An employee can carry or hinder an organization’s message. Many companies are restricting all access to social networking […] Read more

Social Strategy in Business – Understanding Is The First Step

It is obvious there is interest in finding new friends and connections using the latest and greatest social site. There is also something to be said about the organizations who understand what is happening and is capable of optimizing potential from these sites. It has been asked over and over to me in many different […] Read more