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You’ve Got Mail…Chimp? Why MailChimp Takes The Cake in Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns are a great way to share information directly to your customers’ inboxes — but are you using them to their full potential? It’s no secret that email campaigns have taken over the direct marketing scene. Have you seen what email campaigns are capable of lately? They look sleek, are user-friendly, and as […] Read more

Case Study: Implementing eCommerce and MailChimp

Many businesses understand the importance of hosting ecommerce abilities on their website. Whether or not they have put it into place, it’s a process they’re familiar with, and knows help sell items due to convenience and ease of reaching the customer. However, it’s not the only outlet in which you can reach customers online. Through […] Read more

Wavelength: Leveraging The MailChimp Community To Build Stronger Email Campaigns

I just read an amazing article introducing Wavelength. This email genome project has found a way to analyze millions of emails used by all the clients and produce a similar ‘wavelength’ to categorize your usage of MailChimp.  The technology is about a month away but as a multi-user of MailChimp and a advocate of their […] Read more

Jan, 19, 2012