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A Year In Virtual

Humbled. It’s a word that I can say has spent a lot of time in my mind over the past year. I’m more reflective, more deliberate, and I can say that I’ve crawled through some dark places to get to where I am today. I’ve listened to some great people and am a product of […] Read more


The Reality of Virtual

I know. I’ve been a quiet little mouse. It has been 90 days since we lifted anchor and I must say keeping my nose out of things and giving priority to this agency has felt good. And it’s been a pleasure taking the opportunity to visit our clients more often. And to find out, they […] Read more

3 Tips to Happy Employees in a Small Office

After the honeymoon period is over and after that new hire smell has worn off, the real job starts. Getting great work from an employee and making that experience enjoyable is easier than you think. This can become a challenge when work picks up, deadlines are almost due, and client work takes precedence. Through all of these […] Read more