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Protecting Your Business on Facebook: More Flaws from the Misuse of Personal Accounts

I logged into my Facebook account this morning and did my usual scan of the networks and I ran across something that raised my eye brows.  I spoke on 4 Reasons Why Your Facebook Presence Shouldn’t Be Through ‘Friend’ Accounts and today I believe I have found a 5th reason. To my surprise, an unnamed […] Read more

Facebook Tip Alert: Linked Accounts

If you are like me, you often find yourself at a computer opening up your first internet browser and checking your email.  This is great.  You log in and see a few hits from your facebook page, blog comments and twitter follower DMs.  The next step?  You open a new tab/window in the browser and […] Read more

@Foursquare And Why It Should Succeed

I join a few sites here and there and check them out just to taste the diverse flavors the web has to offer.  One of my new favorites is @foursquare.  Combine all the ‘dwindling’ geotagging sites that are dull and uneventful and add a reward system and you have Foursquare.  Include a few goal-driven perks […] Read more

Web Awareness: How To Protect Yourself Against The Web

We’ve all seen them, some of us have been unfortunate to have them.  Finding yourself with a virus or malware application that will run rampant on your computer is only a click away.  There are a few things you can do to give yourself the power to interact with the web and not worry about malicious attacks […] Read more