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What This New Facebook Feature Means to Global Community-Building Efforts

Earlier this year, Facebook announced its plan to launch a cause-based feature to its platform to help users with community outreach and beyond. Known as Community Actions, this addition will be rolled out to various sections of Facebook a little at a time. To-date, few users have access, while the new feature will be launched […] Read more


How to Spot an Outdated Digital Advertiser

Experts say you can date a world map based (mostly) on geographical names. For example, is Constantinople on the map or is Istanbul? Are Austria and Hungary two separate countries, Austria-Hungary, or the Austrian Empire? In a similar fashion, you can date a digital advertiser by whether or not they think meta keywords are important. […] Read more

40 Leads Under The Sea: An Epic Sales Tragedy

Like every good digital marketer, we work very hard to bring the client things they ask for. Today, I tell the tale of a client experience that sparked a great conversation at Stand And Stretch. It began with campaign results that modified our perspective and required us to challenge our own success criteria with our […] Read more


New Direction; New Challenges: Our New Art Director Looks Forward.

It is a challenge to find talent in our area. It just is. But it is even more challenging to provide a place where talent can grow into the next leader of your agency. Focusing on building creative excellence and watching it grow at Stand And Stretch has been something I have begun to revel in. Since […] Read more


Why Your Website Is Not Enough Anymore.

There.  I said it. Your website is beautiful. It’s got that ‘wow’ factor and you spent the dough to make it come to life in the vision of your company. There is only one problem…you are the only one visiting it. Like many of our past clients and businesses alike, just having an amazing website is […] Read more

How to Integrate QR Codes with SMS Messaging using

Yes.  You have the QR code mastered…(well sort of) And you’ve put them everywhere.  On your front door, on your marketing materials and even had it tattooed on your back above your jeans.  Ok, maybe not that last one but you get it.  It’s important to have the brand leap off the page into the users smartphone […] Read more


3 Things To Consider When Building Your Online Brand

We are all aware that Facebook and Twitter are good places to set up shop.  However, we find that most businesses are reluctant to see that social networking sites are but one of the many online channels to utilize during this process.  The enticing part of these popular sites are that there are millions of […] Read more

Facebook Deals: How to Interact with Customers on Facebook

Deals are currently available near Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego and San Francisco. We are always looking for ways to create more interactive experiences so that small businesses can share, connect, and interact with their customers. Today, they can do this through Facebook Pages, Facebook Ads, and most recently, Facebook Places, which allows customers to share that they’ve visited a […] Read more


Reviews: A Close Look at the Recommendation Culture

I know what you are thinking. How can a generation of online tools and closely interconnected communities NOT change culture?  Right?!  🙂 We tend to forget that each of us possess the natural tendency to let everyone know we do not like something.  What’s worse is that a large majority of those people are shy […] Read more

Achieving a Dream –

It is not everyday that you get a testimonial from a client that changes your perspective and vision on your current goals. When Scott, client from, completed a evaluation/review he made it clear that some goals are not always monetary.  While I know he would like to make millions and be invited to world premieres, he has found something a […] Read more

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