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Sit And Learn Webinar: Digital Agency vs. Digital Provider: The Death of Click Summaries

Welcome to another installment of Stand And Stretch’s Sit And Learn webinar series! This episode starts a three-part series discussing SEO, keywords, search engine traffic, and of course, the art of using an agency. But not just using any digital marketing agency, but one that offers you clear and manageable transparency. In other words, you […] Read more

Fact Checking And The Cultural Implications of Sensationalism

All the news, right? ūüėČ As I write this blog article, I am reminded of the potential energy behind composing a narrative that evokes feelings and then is jettisoned¬†into the community only to be scathed by the naysayers and applauded by the “believers”. Context, in a world of digital mediums, is being attacked. We don’t […] Read more

Feb, 09, 2018



3 Easy Steps To Add Facebook Live Contributors

Facebook has been growing its reach (and its users’) in recent years with the ability to go live. Video in real-time streaming that lets users film and simultaneously post video of whatever they might be doing at the time. For personal use, this has seen entries like concerts, outdoor scenery, and more. Meanwhile, businesses have […] Read more

YouTube Copyright Claims Aren’t a Video Death Sentence

Note: While this blog comments of fair use policy, it should not be considered legal advice. After hours of painstaking edits, you can finally see the finish line of your big video project. Immaculate cuts and color correction create stunning visuals. You managed to find just the right balance between informational and humorous tones. All […] Read more

Mobile-First or Desktop-First Web Design: What Should Companies Prioritize For Customers?

When designing a website, the best strategy is one that can get the most readers while also keeping their attention. High traffic to a website is a great thing, but is less effective when those entering the website are not encouraged to stay on it. Analyzing the way that customers or readers view a site […] Read more

How To Make Sure Consumers Are Seeing Your Print Ad

Print media is far from flatlining. Having a print ad in the local paper or in a popular magazine is still a great way to establish credibility, reach a specific target audience, and put your brand in front of consumers. The longevity and shelf life of print media make it worth the money as you […] Read more


Why Email Campaigns are Important for Small and Mid-Sized Business Growth

When needing to get a hold of someone, the fastest form of communication is email. It’s also the most effective. In today’s digital age, folks are on their computers and their phones almost as often as they’re awake, and reaching out to them through that same medium can mean having your message seen. That’s why […] Read more

Top 5 Content Management Systems

A content management system (CMS) is a software that allows you to manage, publish, and organize the contents of your Web site. This includes anything from blog posts to images to videos¬†and everything else in between.¬†There are many excellent open source, content management systems available. Your options are widespread and choosing the one that is […] Read more

Aug, 09, 2011