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What This New Facebook Feature Means to Global Community-Building Efforts

Earlier this year, Facebook announced its plan to launch a cause-based feature to its platform to help users with community outreach and beyond. Known as Community Actions, this addition will be rolled out to various sections of Facebook a little at a time. To-date, few users have access, while the new feature will be launched […] Read more


Civic Innovation in San Francisco

From Georgia to California, civic innovation starts with the activist. The person in the group who has a little less fear than the next and willing to step out into the unknown because the grass on the other side needs to be watered, too. I guess I ended up being the activist, or hacktivist, in […] Read more


The New MySpace Is Back. And Why I Think it Will Succeed.

It’s been a while. I once thought MySpace was the best place to stalk cute girls and post animated GIFs of funny ideas. It became boring as rumors of an ‘invite only’ network called Facebook made its appearance. It was as if someone yelled fire and there really was a fire.

Here is my opinion. MySpace didn’t have any good rules. You could call yourself anything you wanted and wreak havoc on those who simply wanted to connect. I consider MySpace my ‘Goth’ phase. And no disrespect to Goth but I had a dark MySpace page. It had what ever song I thought inflicted the most transient journey and blah blah blah. It was soon that my MySpace persona clearly did not reflect my actual personality.

And maybe that’s what anonymity does. It causes us to build fake barriers based on fake stimuli all while wasting real time. And this is where I believe MySpace failed the most. Outside of putting a music player on everyones page, allowing avatar-esque connections allowed sites like Facebook to grow due to genuine personal validation. MySpace was a mask while Facebook was your real-life story.

As I mentioned, if it had not put the music player on the home page it would likely have not kept the ‘music’ communities going and therefore failing completely. Before SoundCloud and other popular music upload sites, MySpace was one of the only places you could go to hear un-produced, un-published bands before torrents muddied the waters for all music.  The music player is both the cause and effect of what New MySpace represents today.

All that aside, I like the new MySpace. But then again I like music. And when you make my interaction with music elegant and modern…I may be swayed to hang out. It’s not like MySpace has been out of the game. They’ve been doing well considering they rank 203rd of all other sites ranked on the web, according to Alexa.

The current MySpace, dare I say old MySpace, looks nice too.  25 millions users before going to the new platform still has some power behind it.

Screenshot of in Dec 2012

Current MySpace

So, here we are.  I’ve spent a couple hours trying to find people.  Almost impossible.  I have found some great music.  That’s a plus.  In 2005, NewsCorp purchased MySpace for $580m.  Nice.  In June, 2011, MySpace sold to its current owners for $35m.  Ouch.  Will Facebook find this same fate?  Who knows.

My prediction about MySpace’s return to excellence is centered around the interface. It’s horizontal slider gives it a jukebox appeal and the interior design is simple and modern.  Almost too simple.  It has new icons to recognize like the connect icon.  New verbs, new counters… New MySpace.  Like ‘New’ York.  Get it?

The player on the bottom is just like Grooveshark and I love Grooveshark.

Screenshot or MySpace

MySpace Queue

Screenshot of Grooveshark

Grooveshark Queue

As I listen to my Queue right now, I think MySpace may be going after the MTV-type takeover of streaming music by using customized playlists and social connections to grow your list.  Pandora’s lack of playlist feature and Groovesharks lawsuit troubles bring MySpace to the top of my mind when I think of anyone who could do it successfully.  (these songs are going to need a ‘share to Facebook’ button!)

I believe MySpace will reign supreme for the future of online streaming music.  It may not get the totality of daily life activities but it will get my attention if I can listen to music for free and share these tunes with my friends.

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Path: The Anti-social Network

It seems that some of us may be growing tiresome of the typical social networking sites like Facebook and Google Plus. We see it in our campaigns and we hear it in the feedback from users. Since these platforms allow businesses the ability to market to consumers based on opt-in handshakes we are beginning to […] Read more


Selling on eBay: Tips and ‘Best Practices’ for Key Social Media Channels

People use Facebook to connect with friends, build relationships, and stay in touch. People “like” businesses on Facebook, but don’t want to be spammed.  It is the fine line between social networking and spamming.  And there also is a fine line between using popular social networking sites to seek customers and using these sites to […] Read more


Reviews: A Close Look at the Recommendation Culture

I know what you are thinking. How can a generation of online tools and closely interconnected communities NOT change culture?  Right?!  🙂 We tend to forget that each of us possess the natural tendency to let everyone know we do not like something.  What’s worse is that a large majority of those people are shy […] Read more

Facebook launches new Ads Manager and Webinar Walk-Through

It may be news some most of us, but the new Ads Manager documentation has existed since May 5, 2011.  This really means they just decided to roll out the changes to most users in an email newsletter.  Mainly to those of use who had created Ads in the past or had access to Ads […] Read more

How To Sync Your Facebook Events With Your Calendar Of Choice

I get question quite regularly so I decided I wanted to share with everyone!  This is a very easy step… Follow along the steps to successfully connect your Facebook Events to just about any calendar program that will accept a URL feed.  This includes iCal, Outlook and of course, Google Calendar.   Step 1 Locate […] Read more

Causes: The Strongest Social Connection

Today is Earth Day and many of you may not know that in today’s society consumers are expecting your business to support social and environmental issues.  There is a vital connection between users of social networks and the businesses that participate in trending causes.  In some cases, the fact is businesses are leaning more into […] Read more

Apr, 22, 2011



Small Businesses and Social Media Use [INFOGRAPHIC]

I stumbled upon this graphic and thought it would ring the bell of our current marketplace in Columbus, Ga. You can see from the stats created by Alexis Lamster from that more small businesses are looking at Twitter to engage customers in the social media realm.  This means that businesses are joining in the […] Read more

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