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Create an Online Storefront Presence With Pointy

With 79% of Americans shopping online, it’s necessary to have a presence to market...

Erin January 3, 2019

Winning the Local Pack for SEO

SEO — or search engine optimization — is a proven way to advance your…

Bethaney Wallace December 1, 2017
Photography Websites: The Consumer Perspective

Photography Websites: The Consumer Perspective

I recently had the opportunity to speak to a wonderful group of photographers at…

Lucas Shaffer January 9, 2012
Quick Case Study: Inbound Traffic From Blogging

Quick Case Study: Inbound Traffic From Blogging

This is exactly why you should blog. In the past 30 days, 706 unique…

Lucas Shaffer August 12, 2011

Case Study: Cisco Systems, inc. Open Social Media Policy

Social media is the catalyst to cultivating communities. Through these channels, companies are tapping…

Lucas Shaffer March 22, 2011

Travel for the IT Consultant/Manager

Sometimes you may not have a choice as to when and why you travel for work, but when you do, here are some helpful tips when planning your next trip.

Lucas Shaffer March 14, 2011

Locos Event Video

Fun recap of the event. We hope to do this again real soon.

Lucas Shaffer July 24, 2010

Your Blog Is Your Business: How To Begin

One of the hardest ideas to integrate into your business is a blog.  You…

Lucas Shaffer June 20, 2010