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The Dynamics of Working With a Non-Responsive Client

In business, we know not to take things personally. Not us, as in Stand And Stretch or even marketing in general, but everyone in business. It’s simply part of working a job, and of the modern world. Unfortunately, so is ignoring a correspondence. We get it, with email, text, social media, instant messages, voicemails, and […] Read more

Holiday Safety Tips for the Social Media Enthusiast

I sit here looking at a Facebook feed full of family and friends all frolicking around enjoying the days up to the Holidays and I often wonder what they are thinking.  Why are you posting pictures of your tree stacked full of presents?  I’m glad you are going to Vancouver for the next 7 days […] Read more

Quick Case Study: Inbound Traffic From Blogging

This is exactly why you should blog. In the past 30 days, 706 unique visitors came to our site while spending an average of 3 minutes and 10 seconds poking around for almost 3 individual pages. 40.37% (almost half) of these 706 unique visitors came from search engines.  This is a very colorful pie chart.  Too […] Read more


Social Strategy in Business – Understanding Is The First Step

It is obvious there is interest in finding new friends and connections using the latest and greatest social site. There is also something to be said about the organizations who understand what is happening and is capable of optimizing potential from these sites. It has been asked over and over to me in many different […] Read more


4 Reasons Why Your Facebook Presence Shouldn’t Be Through ‘Friend’ Accounts

You want to be on facebook and spread the good word about your product or your event. Everyone is doing it and it seems easy enough! You get a new email address and set up an account and start erratically ‘friending’ everyone. This is not a good way to venture into this area. You are […] Read more

Is Twitter Doomed? Uprising of the Auto-tweet

I recently studied the predator-prey model for a grad class this Spring and found that it’s properties could possibly foretell an upcoming Doomsday for Twitter.  In this model, the simulations concluded that with each corresponding variable change to either animal there is a diverse effect on both populations.  For instance, if the birth rate of the prey […] Read more

Web Awareness: How To Protect Yourself Against The Web

We’ve all seen them, some of us have been unfortunate to have them.  Finding yourself with a virus or malware application that will run rampant on your computer is only a click away.  There are a few things you can do to give yourself the power to interact with the web and not worry about malicious attacks […] Read more

@HootSuite and the Social Media captive

You might wonder why I am taking the time to profile @HootSuite as I have only used it for one day.  Well, that’s the reason.  I have only used this for one day and I already feel like I have a better hold on my reputable status in my social circle.  I have been held […] Read more