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Google AdWords becomes Google Ads later this month

Google AdWords is ditching the Words and becoming Google Ads later this month. On July 24, changes are in store for the media giant as they rebrand and reconfigure three different products. Google AdWords will become Google Ads. DoubleClick advertiser products and Google Analytics 360 Suite will become Google Marketing Platform. DoubleClick publisher products and […] Read more

3 Tips For Better SEO Blog Posts

Writing blog posts is one the healthiest things you can do for your website. But let’s face it, it’s also not the best utilizing of time for a business owner. To sit down and throw down 500 words of delicious SEO copy isn’t the first thing on everyone’s list. And besides, your website may “look” decent, but […] Read more


Google Trusted Stores to Become Google Customer Reviews

In the digital ad world, you have to pay attention to when the industry shifts technology around and inadvertently starts to piece together the next big change coming to your digital marketing plan. Monday, a Google AdWords blog post revealed the new name, and badge, for the program that helps sell your products through Google Trusted […] Read more


Digital Transparency: What Your Digital Sales Rep Didn’t Tell You

As quickly as technology is advancing, it’s safe to say that the online world of advertising has undergone some updates — great ones! — in the past few years. With constant updates to search engines, brands that are constantly looking to improve the game, and advertisers who are taking on these growing digital practices, searching […] Read more

You Must Master Google’s Knowledge Graph to Increase Traffic

In the digital world, all of us — producers and consumers alike — are at the mercy of search engine behemoths. If you want to find or be found, your first stop is almost always Google. Thanks to features like smart search and the Google Knowledge Graph, this search tool has become the most popular […] Read more

40 Leads Under The Sea: An Epic Sales Tragedy

Like every good digital marketer, we work very hard to bring the client things they ask for. Today, I tell the tale of a client experience that sparked a great conversation at Stand And Stretch. It began with campaign results that modified our perspective and required us to challenge our own success criteria with our […] Read more


Display Advertising – The Secret Weapon of Advertising

  Have you been on Facebook lately and noticed an attention-grabbing advertisement next to your newsfeed? This, ladies and gentlemen, would be display advertising. Lets just jump right into this as I explain what display advertising is. In a nutshell, it’s an online billboard that uses texts, photos, and video to catch a future consumer’s […] Read more

Leading your Business into 2014 with a Bullhorn or a Comfy Couch

Since 2010, I believe I have heard it all when talking about online marketing. Some businesses try to lead the market by being the loudest in the room while others drive home casual indulgence. You may already know I am always leaning on the latter…with flip flops on. Challenges await everyone in this new year. […] Read more

Jan, 25, 2014



Trending Articles on Facebook: Timeline Applications Provide Content to News Feed

In a world where we are all seeking the news and information from our social spaces we often fall victim to the platforms as they shift and pull us along.  Today, I noticed that Zuck has done something I am not sure I will accept an apology for. Facebook is now putting ‘Trending Articles’ into […] Read more

Top 20 Most Expensive Keywords with Google AdWords [INFOGRAPHIC]

I often get the question about using AdWords.  It is always the same. How much will it cost to use Google AdWords to improve my Search Engine results? Below is a great infographic I ran across and answers the question. Enjoy! © 2011 WordStream, Inc.  See Full Story Here. © 2011 WordStream, Inc.

Oct, 17, 2011