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Alexander Companies Omnichannel Ad Campaign

Creating a High Impact.

Our Success Criteria

Our goal was to come up with a 6-month campaign to increase awareness for the Alexander Systems products and services surrounding the new nTouch Alarm Systems.

Our creative ideas were brought to life using outdoor, print, web, social media and digital channels to bring in more customers over a 6 month period. This omnichannel approach was a combination of teamwork with the Alexander Sales team and creative direction from our team. Check out the results below.

  • Outdoor Billboards
  • Two New Websites with new Branding
  • Print and In-Person Marketing
  • Digital Advertising
  • Paid Search Advertising
  • Segmented Retargeting Advertising
  • High Impact Search Engine Optimization
  • Landing Page Design & Split A/B Testing
  • Research And Analytics
  • Conversion Tracking
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Website Design and Development

In this campaign, the main objective is to put the new traffic from our campaign on a website. In this case, we built a matching set of two websites to complement the campaign. To prepare for this transition, we bridged the new messaging “Powered. Protected.” blending the Systems company with the Electric bringing both companies a new creative familiarity for Alexander customers.

Each website was strategically baked with high impact Search Engine Optimization. This helped with our advertising providing higher quality scores for each service and category based on customer acquisition. Next was to make sure the site was exciting, had the right message and provided many points of customer conversion.

Built to Convert

Each page on the Alexander pages, including the homepage, has been designed to make it easier for the customer to make a call, find resources and reach a sales person. We worked alongside the Sales team to make sure we matched up the incoming traffic from our campaign with the right information.

We know we only have 3 clicks and the customer is gone. Usability and proper design make the pages flow with the brand and pull the customer into the promise that Alexander Systems is a reputable company and ready to serve.

Increased Web Traffic

During the campaign, the website saw on average a 299.82% increase of traffic per month from three channels; Referral, Paid and Direct. This means that during our campaign the website, brand and nTouch product had very high visibility.

We uncovered that most of the traffic came from the highly visible Paid Search ads (Paid). This was followed by Display ads and Retargeting (Referral). The Retargeting tactics brought people back to the website while the outdoor and print helped bring traffic directly (Direct) to the website.

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Connection To Print

While working with our clients, we often recommend localized opportunities that fit the target demographic. We were able to design an ad for Columbus and The Valley magazine and have the newly refreshed brand displayed for the audience with confidence. We also modified versions for the Upatoi Polo Cup program and Southern Views Magazine.

Bridging the advertising mediums is what made this campaign “grow legs”. We often take our clients to other mediums in order to increase exposure and this was a way to give the campaign a longer duration of visibility. It’s just smart.

From Digital to In-Person

Not a lot of print shops can produce the digital creative necessary for websites, outdoor, display ads and magazines. We often find our team leading the main creative for all of our vendors such as in this campaign. This positioning allows us to control the message and get the maximum impact for our campaign results.

The use of retractable banners and door hangers allowed Alexander to extend the campaign at expos, Chambers of Commerce and throughout neighborhoods that match our audiences around the Chattahoochee Valley. Our print partners do amazing work and we help support all channels of advertising. This in-person channel of the campaign is still in use today.

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Paid Search Advertising

Our campaign served over 800k impressions in total; including display, retargeting and paid search. We tracked 2,100 clicks that came from this channel of our campaign and it started a digital advertising journey.

At the end of the day, the traffic was from non-branded keywords for people who were looking for alarm systems in the Columbus Georgia region.

We put our Google Partner status to work!

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These are just a sample of the many search ads that we put out there. If you were looking for alarm systems and were in our audience profiles then there is no doubt you would see our ads. This campaign’s success was largely derived from the thousands of new qualified customers we brought to the website to learn about the product, make contact with the Sales team or window shop around in the new website branding.

Display Advertising

Outdoor billboards did a great job connecting to outside world. But our Display ads were a large majority of our impressions. The new nTouch product ads were placed on targeted websites of homeowners, geo-located around zip codes with new construction and in moderate to high income areas who we profiled to have the biggest return.

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In this campaign, our goal of bringing awareness to nTouch on desktops and mobile devices around the area was achieved. All traffic went to our landing page and we are able to influence the value of the product and it’s capabilities to entice the visitor to make a decision.

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Retargeting Advertising

If you don’t use Retargeting ads in your campaign you are missing additional customers.

Our campaign showed 3% additional conversion of our website visitors telling us an important digital marketing story.

It began with the click that brought them to the website and promptly tagged their computer with a browser cookie.

That cookie tells our ad networks that the visitor is a part of our campaign. For 90 days, the person begins to see sticky advertising of our campaign all over the place.

We placed the right ads across desktop and mobile sites generating greater online sales by keeping your brand in front of “window shoppers” who came back ready to buy.

It’s science. And a bit creepy…

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Your website matters to us. We can manage just about everything you can throw at us. Our team of professional web designers and graphics artists have a combined 25+ years around the web. We host and manage over 150+ websites in all types of ways.

Why are you still managing yours?

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