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3 Reasons Why Grammarly is “Perfect” for Content Writers

Whether you write blogs, articles or you just enjoy writing for fun, you can understand the challenge of putting content on to a blank page. While coming up with stories and articulating words can be difficult enough, what really puts the icing on the cake is double checking your grammar and spelling. As a content […] Read more

SEO v PPC: Watch the Webinar!

Ask a room of your friends, “When was the last time you clicked on a search ad on Google?” Watch as the room goes quiet and no one responds. I’m 100% on asking this question with the same result. No one I ask is clicking on the ads.

Mar, 10, 2018



How to Order Custom Stickers and Stay Stress-Free with Sticker Mule

Custom stickers have been as important to the 2010s as mix-matched ankle socks were to the 2000s. If every business should have a logo, then every logo should be on a sticker. Everyone loves to put stickers on things, from your startup guru to toddlers, and you’ll love making these stickers. Stress-free Stickers Sticker Mule […] Read more

Fact Checking And The Cultural Implications of Sensationalism

All the news, right? 😉 As I write this blog article, I am reminded of the potential energy behind composing a narrative that evokes feelings and then is jettisoned into the community only to be scathed by the naysayers and applauded by the “believers”. Context, in a world of digital mediums, is being attacked. We don’t […] Read more

Feb, 09, 2018


Mobile-First Web Design vs. Desktop-First Web Design

In the United States alone, more than 69% of the population uses mobile devices. Including tablets and smartphones, that’s well over half of a target audience who regularly accesses websites, social media, and more, from the mobility of their own hands. What’s more impressive, however, is that stats are far higher overseas, edging up to […] Read more

SEO: Why Your Website Is Losing You Business – Sit And Learn Webinar

Search engines drive customers to small businesses all day long. Organic, or non-paid, traffic delivered through SEO makes up for 94.95% of all clicks on the Google Search Results Pages (SERPs). And 5.05% goes to AdWords while the cost continues to rise. Watch Lucas to learn the fundamental practices you can engage in to win […] Read more

Jan, 29, 2018


WordPress Updates to 4.9.1; What it Means for Your Website

If you’re like a majority of the WordPress-using population, from time to time you see notifications for upgrades. You click and run them, and then you go on with life, without those little red reminder dots telling you that something needs to be done. But while those updates are taking place, so are actual changes […] Read more

Take Your Video Marketing Into 2018 with Facebook for Creators

Being one of the most used social media platforms, Facebook has long since developed sleek analytics and a user-friendly advertising platform to grow the marketing side of their business. Facebook Marketing is so ingrained in their social media platform that most users don’t even mind the cleverly placed snippets of information; sponsored content is a […] Read more

Facebook Starts New Messenger Program for Kids

With kids having more and faster access to technology comes the added need for safety features. On phones and tablets it’s a move that has made way for kid-friendly folders or passcodes that prove an adult is using the device, and so on. However, such features can be harder to keep in place as kids […] Read more

Introducing Website Demographics with The LinkedIn Insight Tag

As a data scientist and digital native, I want ALL the data I can eat. Information about who is using your website is the best tangible marker for setting up successful digital marketing strategies. It also helps provide profiles of who your customers are. So, we consume a lot of this type of data from many […] Read more

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