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Achieving a Dream – Filmaholics.net

Lucas Shaffer - July 3, 2010 - 0 comments

It is not everyday that you get a testimonial from a client that changes your perspective and vision on your current goals. When Scott, client from Filmaholics.net, completed a evaluation/review he made it clear that some goals are not always monetary.  While I know he would like to make millions and be invited to world premieres, he has found something a little more real and something  we hold close to our heart at Stand And Stretch.  He has found his passion.

I must admit and be honest, I am a bit biased.  I feel I must tell you my affiliation with Filmaholics.net is closer than normal.  I am a member of the group and enjoy podcasting and blogging with Scott and Bud; the core of the Fimlaholics.net team.  I also enjoy films as a whole and love being a part of this team.

Filmaholics.net was a passion project for Scott as he has always spoke about a site and allowing himself to engage a wide audience of movie lovers.  So, when I mentioned I was starting Stand And Stretch and would like to help him find a home for his passion he was very, very…..well….  I will let you read his note to me and let him speak for himself.

“Enough cannot be said about the services Stand and Stretch has provided me to help achieve a dream.  I have always been a fan of movies and enjoyed discussing that love with anyone who will listen.  Stand and Stretch has helped give me that platform.  I now have a website, a Twitter account, a Facebook page, a weekly podcast in ITunes, and a blog that I write.  In only a month I have watched all these grow exponentially, and the excitement it has given me cannot be measured.  I now have people asking me about my next review and commenting on past podcast shows.  It is very exciting and I look forward with great anticipation to the future and the goals I hope to achieve.  These are goals which could never have been achieved without Stand and Stretch.”

– Scott Freeman, Filmaholics.net

Thank you Scott!  This note helps our team stay focused.  While we ‘like’ monetary relationships, we will value and nurture your passion to help you achieve goals you haven’t even begun to think about.  We wish you much success!

If your passion is for your business, then we help you convey this passion to your customers.  It’s a role you need to play and will find it easy.  It’s only natural for ‘social’ connections to be made and businesses are no difference.  Visit Scott at http://filmaholics.net and read his blog posts.  Be inspired as he pours his heart into his site as if he had been waiting for a chance to do so for years.  It’s quite amazing!

Who knows whats next for Scott?  A month ago he was just a movie goer.  Today, he is passionate blogger and twitterer!  Tomorrow only brings more promise.  What are you doing to achieve your goals?  Begin to engage your audience through social networks today.

Do you have a dream you would like to talk about?

This testimonial, client review and other related materials can be found on our Clients page.

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