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What Cyber Monday Looks Like for e-Commerce in 2021

e-commerce for holiday shopping

The holidays are fast approaching, and that means the holiday sales and shopping have begun. As we settle in and navigate our new normal in 2021, e-commerce and online shopping have become the more popular means to tick off everything on your gift list. According to studies by Adobe, a record-breaking total of $10.1 billion was spent online during Cyber Monday in 2020¹.

With the rapid growth in e-commerce business, it is important to evaluate your e-commerce website to ensure there’s nothing left on the table. Having a strategy in place for your digital marketing as well as a solid website design and user experience in place is key to a successful end of the year.

e-Commerce Holidays

Cyber Monday is the digital shopping holiday, and this year, it lands on November 29. Its close cousin, Black Friday, has deals creeping earlier and earlier on the calendar as companies hope to bring in more sales during this large surge. Cyber Monday sales have generally landed more closely to the actual day of the holiday. This can invite a more exclusive and value-added feeling when it comes to deals. There may be an increase of in-store shoppers this year compared to last as people are itching to get out of the house and resume some normalcy, but having digital shopping is still exceedingly important. According to experts, despite supply shortages and delayed shipping, Cyber Monday e-commerce sales for 2021 are predicted to reach $11.8 billion². 

Cyber Monday Focus Points for e-Commerce Business

So how do you make sure you’re doing all you can do with e-commerce to be ready for the holidays? Here are a few areas of focus that can boost your e-commerce business.

e-Commerce Experts

If any of this sounds intimidating or like it is too much work to manage, it may be time to hire e-commerce experts. Stand And Stretch can help! Managing other areas of your business is important, so let us take on the task of building and supporting your e-commerce website. We can provide guidance whether you are just starting your e-commerce website, or need help maintaining and improving an existing online shop. Our team can work with you to get the experience you are looking for. 

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