The Best Tech for Working From Home

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When working from home, having the essential tech is very important. Anywhere from your computer to your headphones and even to your desk chair is important! Working from home can be a dream come true. However, you must have the right make-up of tech, meeting gadgets, and desk space to make this happen! Stand And Stretch Team members take working at home seriously, and always have the necessities to make their workday the most productive it can be!

Stand And Stretch’s Favorite Tech

Working from home can be a challenge without the best technology. Stand And Stretch’s team are expert work-at-homers and want to give YOU advice on their most favorable products! 

Stand And Stretch CEO and Creative Director, Lucas Shaffer says that his favorite work-from-home tech is TeamWork Projects, GoToMeeting, and Google Hangouts! These three programs enable work-from-homers to complete tasks easily and flawlessly communicate with one another while working towards a common goal!

marci digital project manager

Marci Mason, Digital Project Manager can’t live without her Bose noise-canceling headphones and coffee, lots and lots of coffee. She finds these come in handy all the time to limit outside distractions from dogs to kids. Marci uses her headphones to join important GoToMeetings for her project management while sipping on her coffee.

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Bethaney Phillips, Stand And Stretch’s SEO Specialist uses a handy Nite Ize (magnetic phone stand) to complete Skype calls at the perfect angle. This also enables her to make better use of the computer screen during digital meetings. This also enables Bethaney to make quick responses on texts and calls! Another product that Bethaney utilizes is an Erin Condren Life Planner. Bethaney says, “I write down everything. Due dates, projects, income milestones. I can keep track and mark stuff when it’s done and take notes in the extra space”.

Necessary Tech to Work From Home

When working from home, 50% is actually doing the work and 50% is having the right tools. The first step is having a comfortable workspace. This includes a desk chair that you can sit at with no pain while focusing on the task at hand. 

WiFi. WiFi. WiFi. When working from home most of the tasks that you will set out to complete will rely mostly on Wifi. With this being said, in order to complete the workload that you set out for a flawless WiFi connection is almost impossible to go without.

Though you may not love to join conference calls, they are important, especially through the times we are facing now. Holding a phone up to your ear for hours on end can get hard. This is why a speaker for conference calls is almost necessary. A highly reputable speaker for this specific task is the Jabra Speaker

Work Easier with the Best Tech

Working from can be a great way to make a living, but only if you have the right tools to do so. Having the right tech for meetings and projects is extremely important when working from your home! Stand And Stretch Team members take working at home seriously, and always have the necessities to make their workday the most productive it can be!

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