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Introducing Gutenberg, WordPress’s Next Big Thing

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A Widget to Change the Platform As We Know it.

In today’s standards, WordPress is a widely used blogging and website platform. It’s intuitive, customizable, and it’s used across the board — that is, for those who understand it. (Don’t worry, we’re experts!) And as much as we love WordPress as a platform, we also understand its limitations. In most settings, folks must know code and widget format to make real visual changes. Sure, we can do it. But what about the client who wants to pop in and make adjustments on their own? What about the thousands of people hosting and creating their own websites that are up for quick changes that don’t require YouTube tutorials.

Sure, those changes are doable. But what if they were even easier?

Folks, WordPress has heard your plea, and they’ve answered. Soon some Gutenberg, the WordPress plugin to change the way you see website building as a whole. 

Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0: The Changes

Yes, just like its namesake, the Gutenberg press, this latest WordPress layout is here to change the way we see the written word, even if that means adjusting digital format.

As it’s launched, Gutenberg will allow for new interfaces and increasing changes to WordPress websites’ visual formats. Most notably, by creating a block format wherein users can add content and/or images, without uploading and fixing code to polish format. 

Gutenberg is an upgrade to the WordPress editing system as a whole. Considering WordPress’s content field has seen little changes in the past 10 years, even us coding nerds can get excited about the change!

With Gutenberg in place, users can look and edit their entire screen, rather than using a backend visualizer. This allows for real-time changes that don’t require coding changes and checks to ensure everything showed up as it should. This block format brings in many interfaces, all while eliminating complexity. With Gutenberg, WordPress is easier to use and easier to format all your website content. 

This also streamlines the need for outside widgets or plugins that adjust the way your site is used. (We’ll cheer to fewer updates and cross-code malfunctions from incompatible updates!) 

So what’s the big takeaway from using WordPress’s Gutenberg? Full site customization. Make your website look how you want it, as you want it. This is true for the casual site owner who’s making their own changes, as well as businesses relying on their web presence, and who have a website manager. 

Finally, changes are more fluid, more intuitive, and easier to implement. 

What are Gutenberg Content Blocks

Don’t worry, WordPress is still existing in the way we know and love. Its shortcodes, formats, widgets, and more will still exist. Only now, they’ll come with smooth, consistent user experience. Or in other words, it’s easier for the less experienced WordPress user to make changes (that is, that don’t require lengthy tutorials). 

Drag and drop formatted blocks onto the page and edit them, in real-time, with ease. This simpler model allows for faster custom pages, without the need for code! 

Can we get a woohoo?!

How and When Will Gutenberg for WordPress Be Seen?

The Gutenberg update for WordPress is set to launch in a series of steps. First, it’ll be made compatible with 5.0 (WordPress’s latest and current version) with adding and adjusting content blocks. The next steps are to be launched sometime next year and will lean toward further site customization. 

Are you ready to get started updating your website? Whether you’re wanting to learn the logistics yourself or prefer Stand And Stretch to handle the behind the scenes web work, we’ve got a digital marketing plan to help push you forward. 

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