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Tired of paying the old fees for Google Drive storage? Tired of digging through hundreds of support pages just to find your answer? Ready for a better way to manage storage for your photos, documents, and data? Good, because your life just got easier! With the launch of the new Google One App, these things will no longer be a problem. Start getting more out of Google by using Google One.

Reduced Prices

With a standard Google account, every user gets 15 GB for free. Though upgrades already exist, there are now more options for upgrades, and all at a reduced cost.

New Costs:

  • 100 GB – $1.99/month
  • 200 GB – $2.99/month
  • 2TB – $9.99/month

Costs that Remain:

  • 10TB – $100/month
  • 20TB – $200/month
  • 30/TB – $300/month

What will happen to Google Drive?

Google Drive accounts for non-paying users will remain the same. Those already using Google Drive’s paid plan will be automatically transferred over to Google One’s new plan offers. The standard issued free 15 GB package that comes along with just having a drive will remain the same. Google One is simply an upgrade to Google Drive, it’s a way for customers to get more out of Google.

Increased Storage with the Google One App

Along with Google One’s increased storage for reduced prices, there are a number of other benefits that come along with a subscription. Google One makes more storage available in Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos.

Customer Service

There will now be customer service available with just a click of a button for all subscribers, regardless of the size of your storage plan, be it 100 GB or 2TB. This means no more looking through pages of Q&As and FAQs to find out how to work Google Calendar or any of Google’s other extensions.

Extra Benefits

With a subscription to Google One you also receive extra perks such as Google Play credit, you can use this credit to buy movies, apps, or magazines, as long as it’s found in Google Play. You are also able to access better deals on hotels that are found through the Google search bar. Google is planning to continue adding more benefits to Google One to use in Google Store and Google Express soon.

Family Friendly

Your storage plan through Google One will now be family-friendly because with Google One you can share your plan with up to five family members. Every user in the family being able to use their own exclusive storage. Each one of these members will also receive all of these extra benefits that come with Google One.

Google One

Simplicity is what makes our lives easier, and that’s just what Google did with the launch of this new app. You can now attain storage easier and cheaper, have greater access to help when you need it, get benefits, and create an easier billing process for your family and not to mention, you can do this all in the same place. Enjoy simplifying your life with this new app!

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