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Organic Search vs. Paid Search — Choose Your Online Advertising Tactic Wisely

Bethaney Phillips - October 12, 2016 - 0 comments

Cost-prohibitive and inconsistent, traditional advertising outlets aren’t necessarily the easiest path to generating new business. When a potential customer needs a service or product, they don’t wait for a creative commercial to interrupt their evening — they go online. As a business owner, you’ve got to meet your audience on their turf, with paid and organic search results.

The tools used to broadcast your company’s message are cheaper than ever. Thanks to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and do-it-yourself website builders, you can put together a sparkling image in no time. Once you’re happy with your company’s presentation, you want to drive traffic to your site, and there is no greater arbiter of Internet traffic than the search engine. Think of big-timers like Google and Bing: their names are everywhere.

Search engines return two different kinds of results — paid results (the sponsored links you see at the top of the page), and organic results (posts which occur based on content and merit). Choosing which type of results you pursue is a matter of tactics.

The tools you use to drive customers to your website have also changed

Paying for a big television spot is no longer the preeminent way to let potential customers or clients know you’re waiting for them. By keeping your website fresh and popping up in search results, you can develop a wide reach. However, climbing the ranks of Google’s search algorithm requires its own set of skills. At Stand And Stretch, we use modern tools and techniques to help businesses find customers, and vice versa.

You’ve heard the term search engine optimization (SEO) before — it’s the most popular three-letter abbreviation among digital marketers (and believe me, there are plenty). SEO represents a combination of techniques that bolster your website’s organic search engine ranking. The higher your rank, the more potential customers that see your page.

Paid search results are fireworks

They’re a burst of new customers right away. If you’re a business owner, you’ve probably paid for the right to share information about your products. Pay-per-click advertising has become the online standard thanks to Google, and it works. Plus, for most online ads, you’ll only pay for the spot when someone clicks through to your website. That’s good news! That means that only people interested enough in your products and services to visit your site will cost you money.

However, if you don’t keep lighting new fireworks, the show ends. Online advertising can still get expensive. You have to make sure that you convert potential business to actual customers once they arrive at your site. While techniques like retargeting, and optimizing the user experience on your site are important, there are other ways to get your audience’s attention.

Organic search results are Impressionist paintings

They’re the result of patience and continuous work. Using SEO techniques like keyword research and blogging take time. Deciding to invest in improving your organic results won’t lead to customers stuffing your inbox the following morning. It’s a maturing process. Over time you make the brush strokes that together create a beautiful image.

Your website, like a painting, will always require some curation, but using SEO builds a work that will stand the test of time. The first five results of a Google search receive 67% of the clicks. Optimizing your website creates a long-term visibility advantage in local, regional, and eventually national markets.

Stand And Stretch believes in the power of SEO

Investing in organic search results versus paid search results is a tactical decision. SEO groundwork usually takes about 3 to 6 months to generate results, but those results pay dividends.
At Stand and Stretch, we use a research-oriented approach to optimizing your website. We’ll develop a sitemap and create a keyword frequency table to help you determine how you’ll ascend the ranks of Google’s search results. Explore our website or get in touch to learn more about how we can drive traffic to your business.

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