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Locations from Facebook Gives You Page Control

Bethaney Phillips - July 22, 2016 - 0 comments

Managing your business’ social presence is fun. Until it’s cumbersome. Success usually means growth, and growth means more balls in the air. We at Stand and Stretch have been growing and we now operate our business from three physical locations. This is great news for our clients, but it does mean more social media pages for us to keep track of.

Have you ever tried to find information on Facebook about a business with multiple locations? There are usually a couple of pages, and only one of them is actually maintained. Outdated contact info and a post from three months ago can be a frustrating dead end.

It turns out that poor page management isn’t really Facebook’s fault. The Facebook Locations tool is actually a slick way that we at Stand and Stretch keep track of our expanding business.

Facebook Locations Makes Managing Pages Easy

When you first start using social media for your business, it’s a new relationship. Your fresh content is like a romantic gondola ride through a canal in Venice. Cut to a few months later when you’re trying to distinguish the uptown location from the storefront east of the river. It’s hard enough to keep one page current. Pretty soon you and your social media accounts are eating dinner in separate rooms.

Facebook Locations says “no more!” You have to fill out an access request that has a 24-hour turnaround time. If approved, you’ll set up an umbrella page that catches more traffic. Then your fans can easily find the individual location they need. If you’ve got several stores in a metro area, you can keep your beautiful Facebook content local to each user population this way. It also alleviates the pain of having to select one pin on a map that represents all of your stores.

At the risk of getting marketer-jargony here, the Locations tool helps clean up your brand. If people like your stuff, they just want to be able to find it. We use this Facebook tool to aggregate check-ins and make our page easier to use for our clients, which is the point. Another added benefit awaits you, if you’re interested in the pay-to-play arena.

Facebook Locations Leads to Localized Ads

Facebook ads are a relatively cheap way to promote your business. Their appeal comes from their highly-localized targeting opportunity. You can talk to potential customers that live only blocks from your restaurant. That neighborhood feel lends more oomph to your message than than the mass appeal approach larger businesses take. Each store in your network may cater to a slightly different audience with different interests. The Locations platform lets you unite your fans while segmenting your marketing.

You can access Facebook Locations from your desktop or phone, which is a must. An easy-to-use dashboard lets you flip between locations and update storefront-specific information. It also aggregates all of your page activity so you can track engagement across each location. You’ll still have a page to play with for each store, but general business info will be easier to find. Adding and removing locations is as easy as you’d want it to be too — just a simple button click.

This is a chance for you to reconnect with your social media. It’s the all-inclusive, Caribbean resort vacation you desperately need to work things out. Use the Facebook Locations tool to fall in love with your pages all over again.

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