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Why Digital Ad “Losses” Aren’t Truly Lost

Bethaney Phillips - July 11, 2016 - 0 comments

Digital ad revenues are on the rise. So much so, that within just a few years, their already impressive budgets are slated to DOUBLE. According to a study put together by Juniper Research, Worldwide Digital Advertising: 2016-2020, in 2020 dollars earned will reach $285 billion.

That’s huge.

That means more brands are going online, more customers are looking online, and in the process, digital advertising is taking a leap into the future.

However, it’s not without its pitfalls. That $285 billion totals also comes with an estimated $27 billion in ad-blocker “losses.”

Breaking it Down

When consumers search online, they’re shown ads. Some consumers don’t like those ads and put in ad-blocking software to keep their screens (mostly) ad-free. Think of it as a barbed-wire fence keeping rabbits out. A fence where the rabbit can send a message saying, “You-hoo, it’s me, can I come in?” And you can grant them access, or X them away for good.

This is what’s considered ” lost revenue.”

In theory, all of those people who could have seen those ads, didn’t. It’s a big portion of the market (mostly millennial females) choosing not to see advertisements. So it’s chalked up to a “loss.”

Many websites have come up with their own proactive offense, asking viewers to disable blockers for their site. Forbes has taken it a step further and steel-walled anyone using ad-blocking software. While the intent is to get users to remove said software, it can also mean a portion of the population who simply won’t frequent that site. Either way, it’s an aggressive move.

Why the Unseen Isn’t a Loss

Digital ads are the most efficient method of marketing yet. They’re reaching audiences that are absolutely huge, and they aren’t time-dependent. Unlike commercials or print ads where consumers have to be at a specific place at a specific time, they’re flexible and evergreen. Digital ads are there when searchers search. They pop up when the user is active. They’re made for the times, and allow brands to get as much umph out of their marketing efforts as possible. They follow the people with similar stops and interests. It knows habits and finds those who are the most likely to buy.

Digital ads are Internet focused and about as streamlined as it gets.

Can we get a little bit excited about that fact? Marketing has never been so efficient nor so pointed. We’re reaching more customers, those who are most relevant to our brands, and we’re wasting as little of our efforts as possible.

That’s pretty dang exciting.

Celebrate the Digital Ad Growth … Period.

We’re full swing into the digital age and marketing has seen a huge growth because of it. The time to act is now.

Are you ready to learn more about online ads and how you can reach a massive number of relevant customers? Get in touch today.



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