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Freelancing is Changing the Game … And the Quality of Work

Bethaney Phillips - June 16, 2016 - 0 comments

“So you have a part-time job?” – that is the two most common, yet mostly untrue –

stereotype associated with freelancing. Yes, freelancing, the location-free way to work. (I emphasize WORK here; no it’s not a far-off goal to get paid while Netflixing and watching snacks.) But it’s anything but part-time.

Unlike telecommuting, which allows you to work remotely, freelance also means you can work for whomever you choose. It’s a setup that can create long, and meaningful hours. And as long as you’re not playing dirty and working for opposing sides or brands, most prefer a worker who’s skilled enough to man the field.

Think about it, while working in different specialties and with varied mediums, freelancers are way better trained than the status quo worker. Freelancers are well rounded in experience levels. They’re flexible and can often fit in last-minute assignments. And considering they’re taking the work they like, and choose their own work environments, they’re pretty happy campers, too.

So … is there a downside? Employers, you get premium results at a lowered rate (you’re off the hook for benefits), and freelancers, you have the freedom to do, well, anything.

As we see it, it’s a scenario where all sides win.

The Nitty Gritty of Freelancing

“But if you don’t work, you don’t get paid.” That’s the argument we hear most often. That freelancing is an “unsteady” form of income, and from the employer’s side, their pro could “flake out” at any point.

Isn’t working always a stipulation of getting paid? If the tenured professor just stops teaching; as in, no-show/no-classes taught, nada; won’t he too, lose that sweet gig? Of course he will! And tweed doesn’t come cheap. But unlike Professor Lazy, freelancers have to get fired tons of times before my income stops.

Meanwhile, you, the client, are only paying for the exact services you want. And freelancers will follow through – and then some – because their reputation and future work depends on it. They aren’t going to flake, they’re going to go above and beyond.

The Freedom in Freelance

Contract employees get stuff done. Why? Because once they’re done, they can move on to the next job. Solid time management is key. For the workers, that means a better rate of pay and more time off. While for the hiring company, it means a quicker turnaround time. Again – win-win.

So why are some still fighting this trend? The results are there, the stats are growing, and workers have a better quality of life because of the fact.

Employment is going flexible, and it’s a movement we all can and should join full-force.

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