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How To Make Sure Consumers Are Seeing Your Print Ad

Lucas Shaffer - May 25, 2016 - 0 comments

Print media is far from flatlining.

Having a print ad in the local paper or in a popular magazine is still a great way to establish credibility, reach a specific target audience, and put your brand in front of consumers. The longevity and shelf life of print media make it worth the money as you can get any number of secondhand readers at hair salons and doctor’s offices. If the publication has a regular readership, that means your ad is being put in front of readers on a constant basis. According to Aabaco Small Business, people see an ad seven times before they act on it. If your print ad is in every issue of a magazine or newspaper, your ad is being seen by regular readers often enough to be effective.

Or is it?

Why People Read Print

Regular readers of magazines and other print media are “regulars” because of the consistency. Quality content, layout readability, reliable sources, and solid photography and graphics lull readers into a rhythm of reading that is comfortable, with most ads being just a part of the background. What you don’t want is to become a part of that background, just another piece of layout that a reader’s eyes pass over without much notice. It’s like working in a crowded coffee shop. At first you hear snippets from other people’s conversations and your brain works to process what it hears, but eventually it all becomes white noise. Once your ad becomes “white noise,” it doesn’t matter how it prints because it is not being noticed.

Variety Staves Off Stagnation

The actual content should vary every few issues. Having a deck of print ads with the same branding, but with different copy and different focal images creates enough variation to catch the eye. What once was white noise has now changed; going back to the coffee shop metaphor, it’s as if someone suddenly raised their voice and drew your attention. And if that occurs more than once, then each time the reader notices something is different, the brand message is being driven home.

Readers often flip through magazines looking for new and relevant content. If your ad is the same one that was in the past five issues, it’s not even getting a glance. There has to be a new addition every few issues to avoid melting into the visual background that other ads have already become. By changing it up, your brand will jump out at a reader.

Avoid the usual, and become the different.


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