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Why Email Campaigns are Important for Small and Mid-Sized Business Growth

Bethaney Phillips - May 16, 2016 - 0 comments

When needing to get a hold of someone, the fastest form of communication is email. It’s also the most effective. In today’s digital age, folks are on their computers and their phones almost as often as they’re awake, and reaching out to them through that same medium can mean having your message seen.

That’s why companies have been taking advantage of email to market their stories, and further their outreach efforts; to reach a wide number of customers in real-time, and with the medium they’re most likely to check.

Those efforts are known as email marketing campaigns, a tool where companies can send out information in a massive, one-time blast. Most emails are sent out on a weekly or monthly basis, and include company information that took place or was shared within this time.

By the Numbers

Consumers are constantly plugged in, according to Adobe in their October 2015 report. On average, that leaves users with 6 mobile or desktop devices, and 12 mediums for viewing that content. Millennials’ stats are even higher.

That means if you’re emailing customers, they can view that message constantly, and with access to 6+ devices on which to read it. Sounds pretty accessible, right?

In the past few years, 83% of companies have increased their digital marketing efforts. Additionally, direct customer engagement through email increased by 65%. Meanwhile, print advertising only increased by 25%

What does this mean? A vast majority of the competition is utilizing email marketing trends … and they’re seeing some great results. If your business isn’t doing the same, you could be missing out on potential leads, and leaving the other guys to sweep them up instead.

Additional Perks

Email campaigns can boost sales, especially when discounts or promotions are included, they can announce new products, remind customers that you’re relevant and that you exist. They’re a positive visual representation of your brand, and what your company has to offer. Besides if you offer some actual advice (not just a sales pitch), they’ll remember where the info came from, and be more likely to recommend your services or use them themselves.

Most campaigns also come with analytics, so you can see how many recipients actually read your emails, and whether it encouraged them to click.

Information blasts = better informed consumers and marketing efforts that reach listening ears … or rather reading eyes.

Your Next Move

Now that you understand benefits that come from a positive email marketing campaign, it’s time to put your own efforts to the test. Start by emailing your own customers, notifying them of sales, and teaching them what’s going on within your business, and you’ll start filing in results.

Psst: in Adobe’s poll, most brands said they were not confident in their digital abilities to put together an email or newsletter campaign – which is why Stand and Stretch is here to help you put together a well-planned, and result-filled approach.

Head to our contact page to start your email marketing plan today.

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