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HotJar Web Services: Tracking the Hottest Trends Online

Lucas Shaffer - May 27, 2016 - 0 comments

What image goes into your head when you think of website clicks and internet traffic? Do you think of it in terms of roads, like the “information super highway?” At Stand and Stretch, we use a variety of strategies to analyze and improve the social of our clients’ websites. Video editing, web design and increasing traffic are just a few of the services we offer.

There are a lot of great resources for website traffic analysis or site improvement, and a great one is HotJar. If you’re at HotJar, you think of traffic trends as hot spots, gravitating between hot and cold based on popularity and interaction. HotJar is a web service that tracks the amount of clicks and scrolls per page of any website fed into its analytics engine. The site uses a heat map to show what’s viewed and clicked on the most.

The general heat map shows places clicked, with the color ranging from blue to red to show the amount of clicks, taps or pokes (based on desktop or mobile) for each area of the page. Scrolls throughout a page are tracked by a gradient of the same color range. This shows which areas of a page are read the most or receive the most attention based on how many times users scroll down the page and how far they scroll.

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Stand and Stretch Heat Map

From the example image above, the Wikipedia homepage, by color you can see that most people pick English for their language while browsing. Rather than focus on simply following trends to show where people go, HotJar tracks behavior through interaction.

Simply put, the program tracks clicks and actions on web pages to understand the behavior of the users accessing whatever website is using HotJar’s services. To use HotJar, it’s important to understand exactly what the service is doing.

So what happens when you use the service? HotJar provides both analysis of web traffic and feedback through surveys and polls. The polls pop up on websites using HotJar and provide instant data based on the responses given. For website creators and companies trying to improve their customer satisfaction online, this is an important service to have.

By giving their clients the ability to get data on their website traffic quickly and with style, HotJar allows companies to easily adjust content to meet the needs and wants of their customers. A large part of the effectiveness of HotJar is the easy visualization of traffic that the service makes. Showing traffic through heat maps rather than a simple graph gives a dramatic and nuanced image of where users go the most.

One of the most interesting features of the HotJar services is one of its analytics capabilities, known as a conversion funnel. Through the service, customers can not only view each user’s usage of the site, but track how long they are on each page and when they lose interest and leave the site. By analyzing this trend, sites can clean up content to not lose interest after a certain length of text as well as change content to fit the desires of the readers based on the conversion funnel.

While all of the features of the service are both useful and easy to use, the low level expense of HotJar is the greatest advantage, pairing high amounts of analysis tools with the low subscription price of $29.00, HotJar is both broadly effective and affordable. This puts it over the rest of its competitors through the ease of access and ability to remain inexpensive for businesses to use.

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