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Facetune App Makes Your Face Better for Instagram

Well, it does more than that. 😉

While most of us are comfortable with our faces the way they are, some people are notorious for taking 35 pictures before the light hits just right and the angle is perfect. And with the reduction of filters on Instagram, we are finding it harder and harder to tweak these delicate moments of our lives.  What if I told you that you only had to take one shot and make it your best Instagram selfie ever?

Today, I ran across a cool app and I just thought I would share. It is called Facetune. It claims to be able to make any shot your best shot. You can have perfect skin, a perfect smile, eye color changes and just about every focus angle and reshape tool you can imagine.


It does more than just add the high-dollar, make-up artist look. It can also change focus and lighting on images. The site is full of tutorials straight out of any video gallery for makeup and skin care blog you can find.

Here is another example of it’s focus feature.

Before Facetune

After Facetune

I know I’ve taken a few pictures I wish I could have made a better impression with. We’ve all had those moments where we just want to get those 30 minutes back, when you spent looked incredibly awkward, snapping 30-40 photos of yourself.

Lastly, I am not promoting self-esteem cheat codes. I am merely providing an opportunity to ‘fix’ that temporary item that causes us to cringe right before we hit the ‘Post’ button. I am definitely adding this and other cool apps I have found to the Master Class on Instagram.  Contact us for more information.

Download the app here.




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