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3 Tips to Happy Employees in a Small Office

Lucas Shaffer - January 7, 2016 - 0 comments

After the honeymoon period is over and after that new hire smell has worn off, the real job starts. Getting great work from an employee and making that experience enjoyable is easier than you think. This can become a challenge when work picks up, deadlines are almost due, and client work takes precedence. Through all of these factors, which in combination, can become Kryptonite to happiness…there is a way.

Here are my top 3 tips so get happy!

Be Consistent.

The best businesses deliver consistency. Customers love it because when all else fails they can count on this thing to be the same. Brands build themselves on delivering a consistent product which comes to stand for and embody the ideals of the company. The same applies to employees. If it becomes a guessing game of when or how a boss or manager might behave or react to information, this inability to anticipate interactions can send morale plummeting. I liken it to becoming a work character which a team can count on the “cowboy” to do “cowboy” stuff. Consistency will have the entire workplace on the same page as to who you are and what you stand for. YOU are a product; be consistent.

Be Positive.

Positivity is infectious. Not overly enthusiastic, but the attitude that no obstacle is too high or of the confidence in your skills or ability to get new skills. When others begin to understand HOW you are able to be positive they will inevitably strive to become like you. After all, who doesn’t want to conquer everything placed in their path? Plus you typically receive whatever energy you put out, that alone is reason enough.

Be Human.

Being human is a phrase that can be overused so let me explain. We have only five

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senses. From those five senses you have created every memory and every experience. Good, bad or indifferent those five senses assisted in making you who you are. Business managers and employees alike are comprised of the same five senses. How you experience things can make all the difference. If you see a subordinate drowning in work, the solution often is not that you will do the work for them, but to let them know that you too have felt the strain, perhaps give tips or techniques on how to manage time for increased efficiency or provide some shortcuts keys on the software you use. As social animals, it is shared experiences that make the workplace tick. Rarely is something genuinely unique when it comes to emotional disposition, the sooner employees know that sentiment is common knowledge the faster employees start sharing their happiness and more quickly getting over lulls. Nothing feels better than a connection that can communicate “I know that you know what I know”.

Follow those 3 tips and watch morale within your team go through the roof.

To recap, remember to be human giving out encouragement and support not just to the position but to the person. Be consistent, in behaviour, in the work you put out, and with expectations. And last but not least, be positive. Call it work karma or whatever you’d like but people will definitely take notice that when you come around things get better.

Happy employees make happy businesses and you have all the power.

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