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Conductor Rolls Out Exciting New Features for 2015

As marketers, we are always listening to our customers, and Conductor is constantly listening as well. With the undeniable rise in organic search, Conductor Searchlight, has become even more robust with new features including:

  1. Content Mapping
  2. Search Experience Tracking
  3. Channel Insights for YouTube

Content Mapping
Understanding your customer personas and how they advance through the buyer’s journey is crucial to a successful content strategy. This is exactly why Conductor has built the first ever “Content Mapping Technology.” This is an entirely new way to segment your websites performance by persona, buyer’s journey and product line – identifying content gaps and understanding ROI for that content.

Search Experience Tracking
The core of Conductor’s product, Searchlight, includes data from local, mobile and universal search. This ensures that you are placed in front of your target audience.

Channel Insights from YouTube
“A critical step in going from SEO to Web Presence Management is the ability to understand and improve your visibility across a variety of organic channels.” YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world! With Channel Insights from YouTube, for the first time, we can understand how videos are being found on YouTube.

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