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Brand Saturation: How Walmart is using SEO to Plug Their ‘Leaky’ Brand

Lucas Shaffer - July 15, 2013 - 0 comments

I was checking a Facebook account and noticed an Ad pointing to a landing site about Walmart. I also just happened to be on the end of a series of documentaries in which two were centered on the Walmart ‘story’.  Not everyone likes Walmart…and there are no documentaries praising them.

Apparently, Walmart is getting a lot of bad press and what is even worse…the current/ex-employees are the main source.  So, there is no surprise that the landing site called therealwalmart.com was at the end of the Facebook Ad and it tells a different story.  

You may be thinking that this is a typical counter towards negative semantic values pouring over your brand. Walmart is smart. This is a new age approach to specifically use SEO to cut off web searching users and supplant their information in the results.

As I am always pouring into my details, this well built website was sincerely put together for multiple reasons but I found that the site had a very ‘simple’ set of values in the code.  For any web developer, what I am about to mention may seem ‘standard’.  To a non-technical marketer, it is the very core of why you use content to win at online marketing.

The landing page website was built using simple HTML with advanced web design and development standards that perform well with search engines.  I understand it’s typical.  But the source code behind the site is targeting priority tags with the same tag lines that will be used for search engines when people hear something and take to the web to find out more.

Here is a clear sample.

“Q: I’ve heard things about workers and low pay. What are the facts?”

Notes:  For those of us who understand SEO, notice the multiple use of ‘facts’, ‘pay’ and ‘workers’ in the <h2> tag.  There are over a dozen of other targeted ‘blocks’ that focus on terms that have a magnetic pull on search. In the web today, take the terms above and Google them today.  You will find a a series of negative articles.  This new website is geared to thwart that surge of negative articles on the web.

You will also notice the use of CloudFlare, a popular DNS solution and other off-page SEO tactics such as bundled libraries of javascript and CSS.

In the light, this website is a very universal truth that most Search Engine programmers and web developers around the world use every day.  I simply wanted to share with business owners and others who may like to see it used in ‘big brand’ scenario.  Walmart could not take this same effort to their current website as it is already a portal for ecommerce and they would suffer a loss.  Establishing a new site, specifically targeting these search terms is a tactic we recommend for many cases.

Does your website need to change so that the right people find you?


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