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E-Mail Marketing for the Holidays (2012) – Sit And Learn Webinar

Lucas Shaffer - November 20, 2012 - 0 comments

Sit And Learn (at your own computer) with us as Lucas Shaffer dives into email marketing and our favorite time of the year. We sometimes skip the ‘database marketing’ for the more traditional ideas but we think after this webinar you will begin to think about how to get your business into your customers inbox.

We will discuss where to start with early stage list building using MailChimp.com and move to dedicated and proven strategies from Bronto.com. Everything from creating a plan to re-mailings to streamlining social media into your emails.

Ready to send out a Holiday e-card? Join Lucas and the team at Stand And Stretch as they share these tips and strategies to help make your holidays more…’clickable’.

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