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How to Integrate QR Codes with SMS Messaging using

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Yes.  You have the QR code mastered…(well sort of)

And you’ve put them everywhere.  On your front door, on your marketing materials and even had it tattooed on your back above your jeans.  Ok, maybe not that last one but you get it.  It’s important to have the brand leap off the page into the users smartphone but what next?

Are you sending them to a mobile website?  A video?  How about having them send a SMS text message!?

<~~~ Scan to text me right now. allows you to create a QR code that generates a pre-typed text message using standard calls to your phones architecture.  I’ve researched to find that not ALL phones are supported.

Pretty cool, right?  We think it is.

The ‘How’

  1. Visit
  2. Select ‘content-type’ SMS in the options area
  3. For the ‘Nr’ you put the phone number
  4. Message is 140 characters only
    (Where my tweeps at?)
  5. Select a Size
  6. Generate

It’s so easy that I found that thinking of the uses are without bound.  When I created this QR code I immediately tested with my Android phone using the simple ‘Barcode Scanner‘ app and saw the the feature even allowed for MMS.  I’ll have to do more research on that one.

Here is a picture of my phone and what happened after I scanned the SMS QR Code.

The “Use”

Is your brain lighting up like mine? Here are a few uses of this combination that just bubbled up. It seems the focus is that you don’t have to remember the CODES or even what the term you need to type in the message area. Not anymore.

  1. Text To Give Donations – Donate right from materials/TV from your phone without dialing!
  2. Voting (Not political.) – QR codes on the TV screen for ‘American Idol’ – Scan this to vote!
  3. Subscription to Information, Coupons or Other incentives
  4. Can you think of anymore?

Have you considered text messaging as a way of marketing? In a 2009 article on the New York Times (.com), Jeff Lee, president of Distributive Networks, said “I like to think of it as the certified mail of digital communications. When you want to be sure people see something, send it by text.”

The article’s writer, Mark Cohen, even states that “Thanks to regulatory quirks, however, SMS is still a relatively uncluttered and spam-free marketing channel.”

I’ve seen SMS marketing as a strategy and think it has its place.  Our team is always balancing the act of cost effective and multi-faceted diversion over many mediums but have yet to discover a roadmap that has SMS at the center of a strategy.  It has always been mentionable but did cause a separation of goals.   Maybe the QR code technology will help us bridge that gap.

Can you think of any more uses of this QR code and SMS Text messaging combo?  Please share below.

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