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Facebook 101: Filtering Your News Feed using Friend Lists

Lucas Shaffer - June 29, 2011 - 0 comments

Are you getting those spammy news feeds from overzealous brand evangelists?

Let me show you how to protect your news feed and get what you want to see most.

Your normal friends.

You may already be aware that Facebook allows you to create ‘Friend Lists’ using your Chat at the bottom right of the screen.  What you may not know is that you can use this feature to filter your News Feed using a very simple technique.

Follow these easy steps and get what you want out of Facebook.  Less marketing; more connections to friends and family.

Create a Friend List

  1. Click the Chat Box
  2. On the top left, click the Friends List option.
    • Save


  3. Enter your ‘New List’ name and hit enter.  You can see I have already done well to separate friends, family members and work friends.
  4. Once you create the list.   Simply click the list name and a window pops up.  Now select the people for this list.
    • Save
  5. Click ‘Save List’.   The hard part is now over.

Use the new Friend List to Filter your News Feed

  1. IMPORTANT – Look above the news feed in the middle of the page.  You will see ‘Top News’ or “Most Recent’.  Click on ‘Most Recent’ and you should see the drop down in the image below.
    • Save
  2. Done!  Your new feed should be only showing you the people that were selected for the list.


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