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Social Media And The Future

I was recently asked during a presentation about my thoughts on the future of social media.  My answer is still turning over in my head now I was ready to speak my mind.  I had read many chapters on social media and its place in our lives and perhaps this is the most intriguing aspect that drives my passion.

I have done my research and it seems that as the world revolves around the sun we are all in a quick order life and we have a finite number of connections to make in this world.  As we know, we were able to co-exist in communities where the outer circle was defined by a small group, or tribe, or extended families for shared a land or home.  Fast forward to a modern society.  It eventually became needed to communicate over distances to help run business, to keep families informed and to stay in touch.  This took place over many years as we went from horseback to telegraph to switchboards to towers to satellites.

Today, we communicate faster than has ever been possible.  Never has a need to learn the new communication methods such as online communities and SMS texting.  I see someone who isn’t utilizing social media in any way and I feel they are not taking advantage of reaching out and living life to the fullest.  I could be wrong.  But what are we without our friends and families?

Not since the evolutionary necessity of spoken language have we been impacted with such force.  I believe Social Media is our next form of language.  The language of ALL people, not just a small group.  To answer where the future of social media is going I can only answer by providing an example of a life cycle for society that pushes until it needs to pull and pulls until it needs to push.  Right now we are pulling.  Relationships are breaking barriers and our networks of families and friends are growing.

It’s changing commerce. We no longer wait for the intrusive marketing campaign.  We make our decision based on the communal nature of reviews and feedback through our favorite social media channels.

It’s changing written language. We see shorten version of words because the art of writing with traditional pen and paper are being pushed away as we need to write faster and communicate our thoughts and ideas to keep up with everyone else.

It’s not the technology, its the people. It’s not that Facebook works so well or Twitter is just addictive.  It is the fact that people want to feel accepted no matter their perspective.  Technology is allowing the people to find other people just like them.

Now that we have rediscovered our social inner beings, we are spellbound by anything that helps us communicate.  Technology will change and grow and so will the people.  I believe social media is driven by the people and Facebook or Foursquare are irrelevant.  Eventually they may not exist and something else will have taken it’s place.

The common factor will always be the people and as long as people support the medium, it will be social.

Do you think Facebook is here to stay?  What about Twitter?

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