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Social Strategy in Business – Understanding Is The First Step

Lucas Shaffer - July 26, 2010 - 2 comments

It is obvious there is interest in finding new friends and connections using the latest and greatest social site. There is also something to be said about the organizations who understand what is happening and is capable of optimizing potential from these sites.

It has been asked over and over to me in many different ways. “What does Stand And Stretch provide to prospective businesses?”   While I have answered this in many ways,  I will attempt to answer by helping you understand why we are needed.  Here are a few directives that can provide insight on how you can strategically build social media campaigns and make them successful for your business.

Below are the defining attributes to a successful ‘social strategy’.

  1. Understand What Is Happening – Every day millions of people rely on their social sites to gather and report news, update friends of social status, share experiences and connect to people who share similar attributes.  It is natural to want to participate and many people do.  As social networks grow, we no longer experience life in a singular state.  We are now participants in a life with everyone around us chipping in for support, guidance and help.  The side effects of this transition are momentous and it’s happening super fast.  How would you channel this phenomenon to improve your business?
  2. Know Your Part – As a person engaging in your communities, you are a part of the extended-extended family where we all move in herds.  These herds can make or break a business.  If you are a herd leader then you have a social status that you have earned and can help decide where the herd goes next.  As a business, you need to know who these herd leaders are and where they are going. If possible, you should also find ways to get them to listen.  If your building expectations, you better not fail to exceed them.  Mediocre no longer applies. Be remarkable.  These new communities have all the power and can smell insincerity a mile away.  While you shouldn’t fear them, you must respect them.
  3. Learn – Among the many abilities you will acquire while participating in social media, learning is paramount.  Many things work well at different times of day.  Some things don’t work at all.  You experience things much differently from everyone else and the only way to provide a check list is to properly analyze results.  Find the tools that fit you and your business.  Define your goals early on and watch as they succeed and fail.  A strong social media strategy consists of movable parts.  Adapting to the herds direction is important.  You must understand where your audience is going because if you go at them right now…they have already moved on.
  4. Listen – Many social sites allow you to do nothing but listen and yet not everyone is doing it.  This also applies to in-person conversation.  People like to talk but only the truly engaged will listen.  Your audience will provide all the content you want if you just take the time and listen.  Provide yourself a strategy that gives you this opportunity.
  5. Engage – Comment and reply.  Repeat.  (If you do not respond to social stimuli, then your campaign is simply dead.)
  6. Analyzing The Results – Not everyone is ready to pour over pages of numbers to derive the sweet spot of your campaign.  It’s a ardent task and one that should be left to professionals who know what to look for.  If it’s not possible, lend yourself a try and start looking over them.  Grab the best charts, comments, replies and connections and show everyone.  In social media, you are your own promoter.  No one will take the time to show you how well you did so it is up to you to allow everyone a chance to see how well you did.  This does not mean spamming your friends and family.  🙂  Even though you will do this anyway.  Results are exciting and build credibility but are also very important.

There is much more to be said about creating a ‘social strategy’ but the above is a great example of the in-depth analysis we provide while helping businesses find their role in Social Media.  We help you build a strategy of your own.    If you can grasp these simple ideas then you can begin your campaign and help make you and your business a herd leader.


Do you have any other criteria that may fit a ‘social strategy’?

Like what you hear?  Contact us today and let us work with building a successful Social Strategy for you and your business.  Click Here Now

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