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Company Relationships: For Businesses New and Old

Lucas Shaffer - July 1, 2010 - 1 comment

Majority of the US market is made up of small businesses.  We know this and the government knows this… especially the taxing authority.  But it is the American dream to break out on your own with the next big idea, to make it big in the business world, and retire a millionaire on a tropical island.  Well, good luck to you on the tropical island, but lets get back to square one.  Most new businesses fail in the first year due to a number of reasons: bad planning, bad market, bad timing, or just that Pet Rocks aren’t popular anymore.  So what do you do to start of on the right track?

I’ve already hit on it above; planning.  A business plan, structure, forecasting, researching, and whatever else you can think of to make sure you have the best product, at the best time, in the best market.  Secondly, you get help.  No one can do everything by themselves.  Sole props make it big because the individual relies on professionals in other areas to help lift them up.  Partnerships rely on each others’ strengths, and the strengths of those they work with to make it work.  Corporations hire the right talent to do the work for them.  Don’t go in, guns a’ blazin, and think you can do it by yourself because what you have to offer is just that good.

Thats the main point to this blog.  The Helper.  Who is the professional that can get you the right information to help you succeed?  You first think of an accountant to help save you the most money at tax time.  You think of a personal banker to help with the right bank account and investment instruments.  Then, if you were born after WWII, you are thinking about an online presence.  Do you need a web developer to make a site you want?  Do you want to do it yourself “cus you got some coding skillz?” Or do you want to meet somewhere in the middle and have a helper.  One that doesn’t have to take the reigns and do it for you, and tell you what you want.  One that doesn’t say “Pay me this, now you need to do this, ok thanks, bye.”  You need a consultant that knows how to ask the right questions, and determine how to grow your online presence the best way to fit your business.

If the company is a good fit, they ought to be able to design and develop for you if they need to, but also be able to simply provide you with information and training to get you integrated into the right social channels if you don’t need a complex development project.  You need to have someone you can count on for support, feedback, and an honest relationship. This goes for all of your business relationships.  Choose the company that works with you and not for you.


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  1. This is a great post Josh! Thanks for contributing… 😀

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