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Social Strategy in Business - Understanding Is The First Step

It is obvious there is interest in finding new friends and connections using the…

Lucas Shaffer July 26, 2010

Locos Event Video

Fun recap of the event. We hope to do this again real soon.

Lucas Shaffer July 24, 2010

@Foursquare Event *LIVE* at Locos Grill and Pub

Swag! Good times! 33 and more…. 26 and counting! Foursquare fans! Free wings!   Bring…

Lucas Shaffer July 10, 2010

The Locos Event - Diary of a @Foursquare Flash Mob

Columbus Georgia doesn’t foursquare as much as other cities.  Well, that’s about to change….

Lucas Shaffer July 8, 2010

Achieving a Dream -

It is not everyday that you get a testimonial from a client that changes your perspective and vision on…

Lucas Shaffer July 3, 2010

Company Relationships: For Businesses New and Old

Choose the company that works with you and not for you.

Lucas Shaffer July 1, 2010