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Your Blog Is Your Business: How To Begin

One of the hardest ideas to integrate into your business is a blog.  You may toss the idea around and wonder what it is you may want to talk about.

The real reason your business needs a blog is because you are probably not on the front page of your local newspaper.  Your product is in demand but you are not finding it on the web unless you directly seek it or something goes wrong.  Be the first in your market to capitalize on your awesome service or remarkable product.  If you don’t talk about your great accomplishments on a daily basis then the entire world only knows the reviews they find on local business directories.  No one hardly seeks a review site to give a review so generating your own news can allow a starting point referrals and even positive reviews.

Did you just accomplish an enormous, long awaited goal and decide to show your appreciation to a local boy scout club by donating your surplus items or even cash?  You should put it in your blog.

Did your employee create the most amazing new flavor and your customers can’t get enough?  You should put it in your blog.

Did you just handle a customer grievance and turn a frowning, angry person into a loyal pundit for your product or service?  You should DEFINITELY put it in a blog.

It’s an amazing connection when you allow yourself to talk to your customers and engage them on a personal level.  It’s the heart of social media and why it all works so well.  Your visitors will surprise you on every turn.  Even though it may not seem like much or maybe you feel you’re voice is echoing in an empty forum, keep doing it.  Not everyone produces the product that makes millions of dollars but you can offer something real to your customer that is sometimes considered invaluable.  A blog is your chance to offer your current and future customers a real person to engage.  The newspaper will not write about your famous custard pie flavors or exceptional service but you can.  And you should.

For further help, I have enlisted a video from the social marketing gurus.  Here is a great video on how to start your blog.  Mark Collier and Ann Handley make some great points and give you the initial tools to getting starting today.  This video is the first of a series of tasks put together for the Inbound Marketing University curriculum I am attending.  They are smart and I appreciate them putting this video together.  Enjoy!

In conclusion, let’s get you started today.  Let Stand And Stretch get you started with your own site and we will make it ‘socially’ aware so it can reach the most people possible!  Don’t hesitate!  The longer you go without talking up your business, your competitors are taking the opportunity to get ahead and make their services and products ‘seem’ better OR more available to everyone willing to listen.  Go get your audience…they are waiting for you!

Once you conquer your blogspace…we can show you how Twitter can add to your arsenal of social networking tools.  🙂

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