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The iPhone 4.0. It is here… It is Mine… It is Good!

Lucas Shaffer - June 25, 2010 - 0 comments

As we speak, I am sitting here at my desk typing this blog, and talking to my best friend on FaceTime.  This is absolutely awesome.  Why am I not on iChat??  BECA– USE IT’S FACETIME!!  This is a breakthrough in mobile communication that we all knew was coming.  Now we just need the FCC to lift any regulations to allow the process to work over the celular networks.  This thing is great.  Having owned all of the previous iPhones, I can say I am a fanboy, so that plays a little part in it.  But this phone is a piece of technological art.  The resolution is sharp, the speed is fast, the multitasking is clean, and the folders are a space saver.

Now how will this measure up to the upcoming Droid X?  There is a team of companies trying their best to deliver a truly competitive product, and I think they will succeed.  Will they sell the millions of phones that Apple has?  Probably not. Will the Google fanboys respond?  Definitely.  Will the phone be the open source powerhouse that can take some of the glory out of the iPhone 4?  I believe it can.

There have also been reports of antenna issues, screen discoloration, and glass breaking already.  These reports may be valid, but I think the conversations are happening only because Apple has been set up on such a pedestal, that every little con is being exploited.    That’s ok.  Every phone has things that someone can complain about.  The Droid X isn’t even here yet, and I can complain that it doesn’t have a front facing camera.  I could even say I think it stinks that the Incredible has an 8mp camer, and my iPhone only has a 5mp.  But again, no technology is perfect. IT’S A PHONE, not surgical equipment.  Whatever folks are asking for now will most likely be in the next wave of iterations for each companies’ phones.

Back to my iPhone.  I can read smaller text, even though I zoom in anyway, I can play my games faster, and I can kill times in more creative ways with iMovie now being ON THE PHONE.  Being a part-time photographer, the video photo capabilities are a big item for me.  This will allow me to make creative little videos from my phone on-the-go.  How cool is that?

Anyway… I’ll keep this short and sweet.  I respect the Droid phones, but I LOVES ME SOME IPHONE!

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