Sharing: A Facebook Tip For You

If you are like us, you want to give opportunity to every fan to share your posts with their social network. It certainly seems easy enough but I have discovered a simple tip to allow your users to ALWAYS have the ability to ‘share’ your updates.  It’s the idea of a fan page.

At the request of Natasha Attal, a friend and fellow colleague from Composure Marketing, I was asked if I knew how to enable the ‘share’ option on the facebook fan page status update area.  It seems her fans were looking for this option, as they have seen before on many other pages, and wanted to share the great deals from her clients fan page at Fabrizio Gianni.  At first, finding the ‘share’ link on a status update is an elusive task. Let me explain.

After reviewing her client’s fan page and looking over our own, I came to the conclusion that the ‘share’ option is only available when you post a link to your wall.  Here is an example from the Stand And Stetch fan page with the ‘share’ option avaiable.

As you can see, the ‘share’ option is alive and well.  But if you chose to not include a link into your update you will not have a ‘share’ option.  See below…

As you can see, by providing links into your post you are giving your users the ability to ‘share’ directly to their own walls adding to the virility of your remarkable post.  I know what you are thinking now and it’s the same thing Natasha and I said to each other in unison when we discovered this wall post trait.

“We should be posting links in EVERY update!”  🙂

While this is tempting, it is just not advisable.  You should employ the entire wealth of options from textual engagements, links, photos and video of facebook.

This tip is definitely something I hope everyone can use as it was not common knowledge for me until I was made aware of this ability.  I hope you’ll be a smarter facebook fan page admin and use this option wisely to allow your more remarkable link posts to go viral and leave the textual post for interesting engagements with fans!


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