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Connect, Engage, Convert and Retain: The Path of Social Engagement

Lucas Shaffer - June 16, 2010 - 1 comment

If you have visited our site through our main domain then you have noticed we pride ourselves on four simple ‘engagement’ philosophies that are simple yet they capture the nature of social media as a whole.  In the past, we sought company among fellow colleagues, family and friends to provide us with organizational hierarchies that put us on the top or on the bottom of a small, tight social circle.  The rules have changed and often no longer apply.

We abound by sheer happenstance that others outside of our perimeter share our views and goals on many topics with differing authorities.  Now, to be heard we no longer have to climb a social ‘ladder’ or have permission to make a connection.  There’s never been a better time to engage others who are willing to be engaged and make these connections into friends, customers or even partners in a budding start-up!

Our statement is simple.  Connect, Engage, Convert and Retain.  Let’s walk through each tier and understand where you are now and where we can take you.

The web is a vast ocean and only few people know how to follow the stars to get where they are going.  Most users and businesses blindly follow the wind, and this can end up haltering a social media campaign prematurely and cause a distaste for the service.  There is a common statement around social media and it says, “Fish where the fish are!”  So true!  You wouldn’t want to go about finding your audience by trial and error.  We know how to find your audience and we help you discover ways to interact with them.  Make the web act like a funnel by bringing people to you instead of you actively seeking them.  It’s possible they are already looking for YOU, but you just don’t know it.

Now that you understand your audience and what their needs are, you need to engage them.  The term ‘engage’ is a great way to explain this because it covers any caveat of interaction that involves an exchange.  A conversation can spark product interest.  A blog post provides insight for a new business plan.  Most importantly, you must engage in ALL directions.  Your users who are looking for you are doing so with every mobile app, website and social network available.  We can educate you how to provide a wide variety of strategies that meet your goals.  It is a very intriguing conversation when you find your ‘biggest’ fan and realize that you have been missing a simple product option that could increase your sales.  It works both ways and begins when you engage your networks.

An important factor in any ‘socially aware’ business is the conversion rate.  This is the percentage of visitors who actually spend money from your marketing campaign.  Watching this rate rise and fall is a bit over-rated, so let’s focus on another conversion rate, “passer-by to friend, friend to opportunity” rate.  This rate allows us to propagate our ‘engaging’ connections and make them loyal to your cause or brand.  Taking the time to focus on individual connections provide a catalog of valuable relationships that can sometimes turn out to be more valuable than a higher ‘conversion’ rate.  This is especially true with smaller businesses.

By all means, you should provide a well-rounded service or product that keeps customers coming back for more.  Your value as the authority in your market is deeply rooted in the ability to build a ecosystem world around your business containing proactive employees and engaged customers.  Don’t let your competitors win your customers by providing better communication.  Of course, you probably can’t compete with Wal-mart prices and warehouse mentality sales margins.  But you can compete with engaging your customers and building strong bonds that keep them coming back every time, no matter the cost.

These four call’s to action can provide a stable social media presence no matter which medium you choose.  Other sites may provide similar advice but the same values and attributes are very simple.  Connect and engage your audience.  Once you have their attention, do remarkable things to make them loyal customers (and even friends) and hold their valuable relationship close as it is the bridge to success.

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